These policies concern all IU financial operations. Areas include accounting; budgets; contracts and grants; insurance, loss control, and claims; licensing and trademarks; payroll; purchasing; travel; the treasury; and other financial functions.

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Accounting Administration

Title Number Responsible Office

Role of Fiscal Officer, Account Manager and Account Supervisor

Defines fiscal officer, account manager, and account supervisor roles to ensure fiscal control, accountability, and integrity for university accounts.


Financial Management Services

Ranking of Fiscal Officer, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, and Delegation of Signature Authority

Establishes rank requirements for individuals who may authorize financial transactions on an account.

FIN-ACC-I-10 Financial Management Services

Signature Requirements on Transactions Where Fiscal Officer Has Divisional Responsibility and is the Project Director

Establishes controls for contract and grant account transactions when the fiscal officer has divisional responsibility and serves as project director.

FIN-ACC-I-20 Financial Management Services

Fiscal Misconduct

Establishes the consequences of fiscal misconduct and proper mechanisms for reporting instances of known or suspected fiscal misconduct.

FIN-ACC-I-30 Financial Management Services


Establishes the consequences of fraud and appropriate mechanisms for reporting instances of known or suspected fraud.

FIN-ACC-I-35 Financial Management Services

Charitable Gifts to Indiana University

Provides guidance to faculty and staff concerning the depositing, recording, and acknowledgment of all charitable gifts received on behalf of IU.

FIN-ACC-I-40 Financial Management Services

Donor Intent Responsibilities

Establishes responsibility for ensuring that gifts received for the benefit of IU are spent/utilized in accordance with the donor's intended purpose.

FIN-ACC-I-45 Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

Allowable Hospitality Expenses

Details the types of hospitality expenses incurred while conducting university business that may be approved or reimbursed to IU faculty and staff.

FIN-ACC-I-50 Financial Management Services

Payments for Memberships in Social Organizations

Establishes rules for paying memberships in social organizations, such as clubs, golf course dues, sororities, fraternities, and civic organizations.

FIN-ACC-I-70 Financial Management Services

Donations and Contributions to Other Entities

Establishes rules for making donations and contributions to other entities with university funds.

FIN-ACC-I-80 Financial Management Services

Public Inspection of Indiana University Accounts Receipts and Expenditures

Establishes guidelines and procedures for public access to and review of the university's financial records.

FIN-ACC-I-90 Financial Management Services

Form(s) Design and Control

Establishes a uniform approval process for the design of official university financial forms.

FIN-ACC-I-100 Financial Management Services

Preservation and Destruction of Public Financial Records

Establishes conditions and limitations for preserving and destroying public financial records, as required by federal and state regulations.

FIN-ACC-I-110 Financial Management Services

Fund Structure and Account Approval

Establishes the fund groups into which funds with similar funding sources or expenditures are combined for reporting purposes.

FIN-ACC-I-120 Financial Management Services

Off-Premise Capital Equipment Control

Establishes controls and responsibilities for capital equipment removed from university premises for 31 days or more.

FIN-ACC-I-140 Financial Management Services

Capitalization of Movable Equipment

Defines the capitalization requirements and allowable costs for the capitalization of movable equipment on financial transactions.

FIN-ACC-I-150 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capital Movable Asset Physical Inventories, Tagging and Location Changes

Defines the requirements for tagging and conducting physical inventories of moveable equipment to ensure compliance with OMB circular A110.

FIN-ACC-I-170 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Depreciation of Capital Assets

Defines the accounting concept of depreciation and identifies the capital asset categories the university depreciates.

FIN-ACC-I-180 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Building

Defines the capitalization requirements and allowable costs for the capitalization of a new building, addition, or major renovation.

FIN-ACC-I-190 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Land

Defines the capitalization requirements and allowable costs for the capitalization of land.

FIN-ACC-I-200 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Infrastructures

Defines the capitalization requirements for the capitalization of infrastructures, including improvements on land that have a life of their own.

FIN-ACC-I-210 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Land Improvements

Defines the capitalization requirements for the capitalization of land improvements and provides examples of land improvement items.

FIN-ACC-I-215 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Capital Lease

Defines the capitalization requirements for a capital lease and identifies expenditures that would be classified as a capital lease.

FIN-ACC-I-220 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Library Acquisitions

Specifies which library items will be capitalized as capital. All cataloged library acquisitions will be capitalized.

FIN-ACC-I-230 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Art and Museum Objects

Specifies which purchased and donated art and museum objects will be categorized as capital.

FIN-ACC-I-240 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Capitalization of Intangible Assets

Defines the capitalization requirements and provides guidance on the capitalization of intangible assets in accordance with GASB Statement #51.

FIN-ACC-I-261 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Ownership of University Capital Assets

Establishes ownership guidelines for university capital assets in the custody of Indiana University.

FIN-ACC-I-270 The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

Use of Object Codes for Unallowable Expenses for Indirect Cost Recovery Purposes

Specifies the object codes that must be used when paying for services that are unallowable from university funds.

FIN-ACC-I-280 Financial Management Services

Treatment of Year-End Reverting Funds

Establishes provisions for reallocating year-end unencumbered balances in general-fund accounts.

FIN-ACC-I-290 Financial Management Services

Moving Expenses

Provides a means of paying for, or reimbursing, moving expenses incurred by new employees that are full-time staff or faculty members.

FIN-ACC-I-310 Financial Management Services

Inappropriate Use of University Funds

Ensures that fiscal officers, account managers, and account supervisors exercise judgment in determining if an expenditure is appropriate.

FIN-ACC-I-330 Financial Management Services

University Automobiles and Automobile Allowances

Communicates which positions qualify to receive university automobiles or automobile allowances and outlines the tax implications.

FIN-ACC-I-340 Financial Management Services

Accrual Accounting

Establishes requirements for maintaining university operations and preparing compliance reports on the accrual basis of accounting each fiscal year.

FIN-ACC-I-350 Financial Management Services

Administrative Allocations

Establishes review requirements for administrative cost allocations to ensure that billed accounts are charged for service only once.

FIN-ACC-I-360 Financial Management Services

Historical Data Only in the Official Accounting Records

Defines requirements for recording transactions at historical costs to ensure an accurate reflection of all costs and revenues.

FIN-ACC-I-380 Financial Management Services


Establishes requirements for maintaining recharge center inventories, including the appropriate valuation method and recording procedures.

FIN-ACC-I-390 Financial Management Services

Recharge and Service Center Activity

Defines a formula for determining the proper amount to charge a university account for services or products.

FIN-ACC-I-400 Financial Management Services

Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation

Establishes guidelines for minimum supporting documentation required for issuing disbursement vouchers, including content and storage requirements.

FIN-ACC-I-420 Financial Management Services

Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations

Establishes guidelines for allowable meal reimbursements to employees called to work during non-scheduled hours in an emergency situation.

FIN-ACC-I-430 Financial Management Services

Depositing of Revenue for the Sale of Goods and Services at the IU Foundation

Establishes guidelines for depositing and transferring funds generated by the sale of a good or service to the IU Foundation from IU.

FIN-ACC-I-460 Financial Management Services

Internal Controls

Establishes responsibility for building and maintaining internal controls, which are a system of policies and procedures that help IU meet its goals.

FIN-ACC-I-470 Financial Management Services

Mobile Plan and Device Allowance

Establishes guidelines for obtaining mobile devices and off-campus Internet access for business purposes.

FIN-ACC-I-480 Financial Management Services

Non-Student (External) Accounts Receivable, Annual Write-off Report

FIN-ACC-I-490 Financial Management Services

Write-Off Accounts

Defines procedures surrounding write-offs of student and non-student receivables. This policy excludes accounts being administered by student loans.

FIN-ACC-I-500 Financial Management Services

Financial Sub-Certification

Defines provisions for annual certification of units' financial activity.

FIN-ACC-I-510 Financial Management Services

Cancellation of University Checks (non-payroll)

Communicates the process for requesting disbursement check cancellations.

FIN-ACC-I-520 Financial Management Services

Write-Off of Outstanding University Checks

Establishes procedures for writing off outstanding university payroll and disbursement checks.

FIN-ACC-I-530 Financial Management Services

Stop Payments and Reissue of Disbursement Checks (non-payroll)

Establishes procedures for placing stop payment orders and issuing replacement checks for lost, stolen, or mutilated disbursement checks.

FIN-ACC-I-540 Financial Management Services

Stop Payment and Reissue of University Payroll Checks

Establishes a procedure allowing the immediate reissue of lost, stolen, or mutilated payroll checks.

FIN-ACC-I-541 Financial Management Services

Check Forgery of University Checks

Establishes proper documentation and processing procedures for payee claims of signature forgery on a university check.

FIN-ACC-I-550 Financial Management Services

Custodial Funds

Details provisions for authorizing the use of funds to meet specific operational needs within a designated custodian's area of responsibility.

FIN-ACC-I-560 Financial Management Services

Notices of Address Discrepancies Received in the Use of Consumer Credit Reports

Establishes procedures for users of consumer credit reports upon the receipt of a notice of an address discrepancy from a consumer reporting agency.

FIN-ACC-I-570 Financial Management Services

Risks of Potential Identity Theft in the Use of Stored-Value and Payroll Deduct

Establishes procedures for validating address changes and replacement ID card requests to reduce the risk of identity theft.

FIN-ACC-I-580 Financial Management Services

Gifts to Employees or Non-Employees

Imposes restrictions on the use of university funds to purchase gifts for individuals.

FIN-ACC-I-590 Financial Management Services

Auxiliary Financial Standards

Establishes financial oversight and review standards for auxiliary units and outlines requirements for units identified as having fiscal problems.

FIN-ACC-I-600 Financial Management Services

Allowable Travel Payments to Faculty Members on Leave

Establishes provisions for using university funds to pay travel expenses for faculty members on leave who are involved in work that benefits IU.

FIN-ACC-I-610 Financial Management Services

Reimbursement Under the Accountable Plan

Indiana University reimburses individuals under an accountable plan, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred.

FIN-ACC-I-620 Financial Management Services

Determination of Employee or Independent Contractor Status

Establishes criteria for determining whether to report payments for service to IU as employee wages or  payment to an independent contractor.

FIN-ACC-I-630 Financial Management Services
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Budget Administration

Title Number Responsible Office

Official Budget

Provides for public access to the current year’s official IU operating budget at the Financial Management Services Budget Administration Office.

FIN-BUD-II-1 Financial Management Services

General Fund Year-End Balances

Details guidelines for reporting on and maintaining campus general fund year-end reserves and for using reserves exceeding the set guideline amount.

FIN-BUD-II-4 University Budget Office

Interest Income Use

Defines appropriate reporting and use of interest income, in accordance with state statute.

FIN-BUD-II-9 University Budget Office

Budget Requirements - Non-General Fund Accounts

Details the circumstances under which accounts within specified fund groups must establish an operating budget.

FIN-BUD-II-10 Financial Management Services

Review of Fiscal Activities

Requires fiscal managers to regularly review the financial activities for which they are responsible, and provides a procedure reference for reviews.

FIN-BUD-II-20 Financial Management Services

Permanent Adjustments to General Fund Budgets

Establishes requirements for adjusting the base budget to reflect all permanent reallocations and changes.

FIN-BUD-II-30 Financial Management Services

Adjustments to Budget

Defines the procedure for establishing new budgets after the start of the fiscal year.

FIN-BUD-II-40 Financial Management Services

Authorization of Budget Adjustments

Establishes procedures for reviewing budget adjustment requests for all accounts, including budgeted funds for contracts and grants.

FIN-BUD-II-50 Financial Management Services

Reimbursement for Housing Allowances

Provides a housing allowance to chancellors to cover expenses incurred while conducting university-related activities in the chancellor's home.

FIN-BUD-II-60 Financial Management Services
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Contract and Grant Administration

Title Number Responsible Office

Equipment Transfers

Defines the circumstances under which Indiana University faculty members transferring from the university may be allowed to take with them equipment purchased with either their grant and contract funds or university funds.

III-70 Financial Management Services
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Insurance, Loss Control, and Claims

Title Number Responsible Office

CDL Requirements

Establishes commercial driver's license requirements for IU employees who operate commercial motor vehicles or require a CDL to perform job duties.

FIN-INS-01 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Driving Privileges

Assists the university in determining who will be authorized to drive vehicles on university business.

FIN-INS-02 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Operation of University Vehicles

Establishes safe driving practices to be followed while operating any motorized vehicle during the course of university business.

FIN-INS-03 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Vehicle Service Requirements

Establishes preventative maintenance, inspections, and repair service requirements for university-leased or owned vehicles.

FIN-INS-04 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Use of 12- and 15-Passenger Vans

Establishes restrictions on the use of 12- and 15-passenger vans and additional requirements for cargo vans used by Indiana University.

FIN-INS-05 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Vehicles Rented, Leased or Chartered

Establishes insurance coverage requirements that must be met in order to rent, lease, or charter a public transportation vehicle.

FIN-INS-06 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Who Can Use University Vehicles

Details the qualifications which a person or group must meet in order to use  vehicles owned, leased, or rented by IU.

FIN-INS-07 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Automated External Defibrillators

Establishes procedures and guidelines for the purchase, placement, maintenance, and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

FIN-INS-08 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Use of Aircraft on University Business

Establishes controls for the operation of aircraft(s) by employees or others for whom IU is responsible during the course of university business.

FIN-INS-09 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Requirements for Service of Alcoholic Beverages on Indiana University Premises

Establishes guidelines for serving alcoholic beverages on university property and/or in conjunction with university functions.

FIN-INS-10 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Animals in Buildings

Establishes guidelines that owners must follow when bringing their animals to university buildings or grounds.

FIN-INS-11 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Indiana University Campus Art Collection Policies: Acquisition by Gift, Acquisition by Purchase or Loan and Deaccession

Establishes procedures for acquiring, selling, borrowing, and loaning campus art collections.

FIN-INS-12 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Bicycles and Other Personal Conveyance Vehicles

Establishes regulations for parking bicycles and for allowing bicycles inside buildings.

FIN-INS-13 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Reporting of Construction Losses and Accidents

Establishes requirements for reporting property damage and personal injury incurred during the course of construction of any IU project.

FIN-INS-14 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Minors in Hazardous Work Areas

Establishes guidelines for appropriate visitation by minors to IU laboratories or work areas with potentially hazardous materials or conditions.

FIN-INS-15 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Fire Safety

Procedures to reduce risk from open burning, heat sources, and flammable materials.

FIN-INS-16 Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Executive Air Travel

Establishes a limit on the number of university executives that may travel together on a single aircraft.

FIN-INS-19 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Use of Corridors and Equipment Rooms for Storage

Restricts placement or storage of materials and equipment in corridors and stairways that impede emergency evacuation, contribute to or cause hazards, or impede the ingress of emergency personnel or access to building equipment.

FIN-INS-21 Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims
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Licensing and Trademarks

Title Number Responsible Office

Licensing and Trademark Policy

Provides standards, information, and guidance on the permissible use of IU's names and trademarks and stipulates its licensing requirements.


University Director of Licensing and Trademarks under Associate Vice President for Procurement Services

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Payroll Administration

Title Number Responsible Office

Time Reporting for Non-Exempt Employees

Establishes timekeeping requirements to account for non-exempt employee hours worked, benefit hours, and absent hours.

FIN-PAY-IV-1 Financial Management Services

Departmental Retention/Destruction of Payroll Records

Defines requirements for the retention of certain payroll, deduction, and reporting records by units responsible for the payroll function.

FIN-PAY-IV-10 Financial Management Services

Direct Bank Depositing of Employee Wages

Establishes requirements for direct depositing of all payroll checks and additional provisions for employees who are unable to utilize direct deposit.

FIN-PAY-IV-20 Financial Management Services

Stop Payment and Reissue of University Payroll Checks

Establishes a procedure for reissuing payroll checks which are lost, stolen, or mutilated, and for reissuing payroll checks to employees who fail to enroll in direct deposit.

FIN-PAY-IV-30 Financial Management Services

Distribution of Payroll Checks

Establishes procedures for distributing payroll checks which are due and payable to employees and for handling undeliverable checks.

FIN-PAY-IV-40 Financial Management Services

Establishment of Payroll Schedules

Establishes responsibility for developing payroll schedules, including pay days.

FIN-PAY-IV-50 Financial Management Services

Off-Campus Work-Study Payroll

Establishes requirements for off-campus work-study agencies regarding time reporting and fund account maintenance to cover the agency share of wages.

FIN-PAY-IV-60 Financial Management Services

Payroll Tax Withholding

Communicates the laws and regulations regarding the withholding of taxes from all types of employee wages.

FIN-PAY-IV-90 Financial Management Services

Calculation of Partial Pay

Establishes a consistent method for the calculation of partial pay for all appointed faculty and staff.

FIN-PAY-IV-100 Financial Management Services

Refunds of Employee Payroll Deductions

Establishes the guidelines and procedures for making refunds of employee payroll deductions.

FIN-PAY-IV-110 Financial Management Services

Garnishments and Levies

States IU's compliance with all laws regarding wage garnishments and assignments.

FIN-PAY-IV-120 Financial Management Services

Release of Payroll Information

Establishes guidelines for releasing information contained in payroll files to the public and to university officials.

FIN-PAY-IV-130 Financial Management Services

Disposition of Final Pay for Deceased Employees

Establishes a procedure for the disposition of final and terminal pay for deceased employees.

FIN-PAY-IV-150 Financial Management Services

Establishing New Payroll Deductions

Defines the criteria which must be met in order to establish a new, voluntary payroll deduction.

FIN-PAY-IV-160 Financial Management Services

Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing

Establishes a segregation of payroll duties to minimize the occurrence of fraud due to processing, auditing, or verifying payroll.

FIN-PAY-IV-200 Financial Management Services

Distribution of Online Payroll Checks

Establishes procedures for picking up payroll adjustment checks.

FIN-PAY-IV-210 Financial Management Services

Student Social Security Tax Withholding Exemption

Communicates the circumstances under which student-employees are exempt from having social security (FICA) taxes withheld from their wages.

FIN-PAY-IV-230 Financial Management Services

Off-Cycle Payroll Payments

Sets conditions under which payroll payments submitted for off-cycle payrolls will be paid.

FIN-PAY-IV-250 Financial Management Services

Delegation of Approval Authority for HRMS Fiscal Transactions

Charges the fiscal officer with the authority to delegate signature authority on HRMS fiscal transactions.

FIN-PAY-IV-260 Financial Management Services

Recording of Timekeeping in TIME

Establishes the requirement to use the TIME electronic timekeeping system to record time worked and benefit time used by non-exempt staff such as Temporary, temporary work study, support and service staff, and professional overtime eligible staff.

FIN-PAY-IV-270 Financial Management Services

Payroll Overpayment Processing

Establishes guidelines to be followed by departments when processing overpayments made to employees.

FIN-PAY-IV-280 Financial Management Services
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Title Number Responsible Office

Purchasing Authority

Establishes authority to commit university funds for goods and services.

FIN-PUR-1.0 University Procurement Services

State and Federal Statutes and Regulations

Establishes responsibility for developing procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

FIN-PUR-2.0 University Procurement Services

Purchasing Ethics

Details the ethical standards to which all university employees authorized to conduct purchasing activities are held.

FIN-PUR-3.0 University Procurement Services


Imposes restrictions to ensure that purchasing awards are made on the merits of the purchasing process and not influenced by outside considerations.

FIN-PUR-3.2 University Procurement Services

State Conflict of Interest for Procurement Transactions

Establishes compliance with state legislation regarding conflicts of interest to ensure that procurement decisions are not made for personal gain.


University Procurement Services

Gifts and Gratuities

Establishes restrictions on gifts and other such gratuities provided to employees by current or potential suppliers to the university.

FIN-PUR-3.4 University Procurement Services

Purchases for Employees

Defines restrictions on the use of University resources and contracts for employees' personal acquisition of goods or services.

FIN-PUR-3.5 University Procurement Services

Responsibilities in Acquisition Process

Details the cooperative relationship between the purchasing and requesting departments necessary for the acquisition of goods and services.

FIN-PUR-4.0 University Procurement Services


Establishes quotation process requirements to encourage competitive quotes.

FIN-PUR-5.0 University Procurement Services

Development of Vendor List

Establishes responsibility for the development and maintenance of a current inventory of reliable vendors.

FIN-PUR-5.1 University Procurement Services

Use of Other Recognized Sources as Basis of Award

Recognizes state and federal price agreements as justification to enable known, qualified vendors to offer quotations for institutional purchases.

FIN-PUR-5.2 University Procurement Services


Establishes requirements for utilizing the process of negotiation to establish working relationships.

FIN-PUR-5.3 University Procurement Services

Emergency Situations

Provides for the expedition of order placements in emergency situations to ensure the health and safety of the public and institutional property.

FIN-PUR-5.4 University Procurement Services

Purchase Order Award Criteria

Establishes criteria to be considered when making purchase order awards.

FIN-PUR-5.5 University Procurement Services

Single-Source Orders

Establishes criteria for documenting single-source orders which may occur when competitive pricing may not be available or appropriate.

FIN-PUR-5.6 University Procurement Services


Establishes requirements for documenting procurement transactions in order to provide an accurate audit trail of all university purchasing activities.

FIN-PUR-5.7 University Procurement Services

Common Construction Wages

Establishes compliance with state statutes governing common construction wages on public building construction, alteration, or repair contracts.

FIN-PUR-6.0 University Procurement Services

Prepayment of Orders

Assures satisfactory value is received prior to payment for goods or services.

FIN-PUR-7.0 University Procurement Services


Establishes restrictions on endorsements of vendors and their products or services by purchasing departments.

FIN-PUR-8.0 University Procurement Services

Furniture Purchases

Establishes responsibility for implementing the approved standards for university furniture purchases.

FIN-PUR-9.0 University Procurement Services

Restricted Purchases

Defines the items which are restricted from purchase with university funds.

FIN-PUR-10.0 University Procurement Services

Protection of Old Growth Forests

Addresses the university's efforts to avoid the purchase and use of wood and paper products made from wood raw materials found in old growth forests.

FIN-PUR-10.1 University Procurement Services

Release of Procurement Information

Establishes provisions for the release of procurement transaction information to provide for open public access to appropriate institutional data.

FIN-PUR-11.0 University Procurement Services

Board of Trustee Reporting

Establishes requirements for reporting large purchases to the University Board of Trustees when the lowest price offer is not accepted.

FIN-PUR-12.0 University Procurement Services

Purchases from Historically Underutilized Suppliers

Addresses IU's commitment to providing historically-underutilized businesses with greater opportunities for participation in the procurement process.

FIN-PUR-13.0 University Procurement Services

Disposal and Redistribution of University Property

Provides a mechanism to relieve or redistribute the university of surplus or unusable assets.

FIN-PUR-14.0 University Purchasing Services

Sale of Computing Equipment

Defines and directs management of computing technology with storage devices and institutional information before its removal from IU campuses.

FIN-PUR-14.1 University Procurement Services

Strategic Alliances

Provides for the development of strategic relationships with companies outside of the procurement process that may benefit both IU and the company.

FIN-PUR-15.0 University Procurement Services

Transactions Utilizing the Pre-Disbursement Processor

Provides for the delegation of authority to conduct specified transactions directly with suppliers utilizing the pre-disbursement processors.


University Procurement Services

Procurement for Off-Shore University Activities

Establishes a means for contracting with third-party administrators to secure goods and services in a foreign country under certain circumstances.


University Procurement Services

Auctions and Reverse Auction

Establishes the terms under which utilizing traditional or online, reverse auctions may be authorized.

FIN-PUR-18.0 University Procurement Services

Procurement of Appliances and Electronics

Establishes energy efficiency requirements for energy consuming products, appliances, and equipment purchased by the university.

FIN-PUR-19.0 University Procurement Services

University Procurement Contracts

Establishes requirements for using established procurement contracts to purchase goods and services.

FIN-PUR-20.0 University Procurement Services

Non-Solicitation on Campus

Policy prohibiting unauthorized commercial solicitation and vendors on IU property.

FIN-PUR-21.0 University Procurement Services
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Title Number Responsible Office

Authorization for Out-of-State Travel

Provides guidance on making and approving out-of-state travel requests.

FIN-TRV-1.0 Travel Management Services

Reimbursement of Travel Expenditures

Provides guidance as to the types of travel-related expenses that will be reimbursed from university funds.

FIN-TRV-2.0 Travel Management Services

Travel Reimbursement Deadline Policy

Establishes a deadline for submitting travel reimbursement claims.

FIN-TRV-3.0 Travel Management Services
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Treasurer's Office

Title Number Responsible Office

Establishing and Closing University Bank Accounts

Designates authority for establishing and closing bank accounts used to conduct University business.

FIN-TRE-VI-52 Office of the Treasurer

Interim Operating Advances

Establishes financing terms and conditions for providing interim operating advances to departments in the Auxiliary Enterprise fund group.

FIN-TRE-VI-60 Financial Management Services, Office of the Treasurer

Collection Agency Placement of Indiana University Accounts

Designates authority and guidelines for establishing and terminating service agreements/contracts with collection agencies.

FIN-TRE-VI-81 Financial Management Services

External Agency Agreements

Establishes guidelines and an operating framework for IU to serve as fiscal agent for certain tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entities.

FIN-TRE-VI-90 Financial Management Services, Office of the Treasurer

Signature Authority and Delegation

Communicates guidelines regarding authority to sign and delegate signature authority on IU contracts and agreements with third parties.

FIN-TRE-VI-100 Office of the Treasurer, Office of the University Counsel

Accepting Electronic Payments

Establishes guidelines for receiving and processing electronic payments efficiently, consistently, securely, and in a controlled manner.

FIN-TRE-VI-110 Office of the Treasurer, Treasury Operations

Processing Revenue

Implements revenue processing and review procedures to standardize revenue processing within the university across similar functions.

FIN-TRE-VI-120 Office of the Treasurer

Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA)

Defines a process for establishing/modifying activities which generate revenue by selling products/services by IU departments, units, and individuals.

FIN-TRE-VI-121 Office of the Treasurer

Internal Loan Policy for Capital Construction and Renovation Projects - Capital Lending Program

Details procedures for authorizing and administering loans from IU's internal cash liquidity resources for capital construction/renovation projects.

FIN-TRE-VI-130 Office of the Treasurer

Capital Financing


FIN-TRE-VI-140 Office of the Treasurer

Investment Policy

Establishes principles to help IU effectively supervise, monitor, and evaluate investments of financial assets.

FIN-TRE-VI-150 Office of the Treasurer


Defines requirements for establishing accounts to be classified, invested, and accounted for as "quasi-endowments," or, funds functioning as endowments.

FIN-TRE-VI-180 Office of the Treasurer

Student Organization Annual (SOA) Report

Establishes responsibility for annual analyses and reports on the financial activities of campus student organization offices.

FIN-TRE-VI-190 Office of the Treasurer
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Other Related Financial Functions

Title Number Responsible Office

Interest Income

Establishes guidelines for using interest income as funds for capital projects and land acquisition when state-appropriated funds are not available.

VII-1 Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Associate to the Chancellor, Vice President, Provost, IU Alumni Association President

Establishes guidelines for the spouse of a chancellor, vice president, provost, or IU Alumni Association president appointed as his/her associate.

VII-2 Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Student and other University Fees Approval

Establishes procedures for reviewing and approving fees and designates fee approval authority.

VII-3 Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Drawings, Games, and Prizes

Places limits on prize value for drawings/games of chance and requires additional approval for high-value prize events to comply with IRS regulations.

VII-4 Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Distance Education Fee

Instructional fees for distance education courses.

VII-5 Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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