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Krakow, Warsaw, Ladek Zdroj


Padraic KenneyPadraic Kenney, Director

Padraic Kenney has been Director of Polish Studies since 2010; he was also interim director in 2008-09. He is a historian of contemporary Poland, and the author or editor of seven books, including Rebuilding Poland: Workers and Communists 1945-1950; A Carnival of Revolution: Central Europe, 1989 (also published in Polish: Rewolucyjny karnawał. Europa Środkowa 1989r.); and Wrocławskie zadymy. When he is not in Bloomington, you are likely to find him in his adopted home town, Wrocław.

Peter Jensen, Graduate Assistant

Peter Jensen is a graduate of Wittenberg University, and currently pursuing an MA in the Russian & East European Institute. While he does not speak Polish, that doesn’t stop him from trying to pick up a little here and there.  When not studying or at work, he enjoys biking and cooking.