Indiana University Bloomington
at Indiana University Bloomington

Executive Board

Name: Jillian Kuehl (
Major: Political Science and Speech and Hearing Science
About:Jillian will be graduating this May with hopes to attend law school in either Los Angeles or Chicago and study intellecual property and entertainment law. Her dream career would be in-house counsel for a large record label.
Vice President

Name: Katelyn Mehling (
Major: Political Science and Sociology
About:Upon finishing her remaining years of undergrad at IU, Katelyn has plans to travel as well as attend law school. She is especially interested in the area of adoption law.
Name: Margaret Tharp (
Major: English and History
Minor: Spanish
About: Margaret is a Junior majoring in English and History. She is a Case Manager with the IU Department of Student Rights, and plans to attend law school after graduation. She is unsure what type of law she wants to study after her undergraduate degree, but is interested in corporate and international law.
Name: Cloe Pippin (
Major: Political Science/India Studies
Certificate: PACE
About: Cloe is a sophomore with an interest in constitutional law and is hoping attend Georgetown Univeristy in Washington D.C. Her dream career would be a political advisor or lobbyist.
Professional Development Chair
Name: Alex Buettner (
Major: International Studies and Psychology
Minor: Business
About: After completing her undergraduate degree at Indiana this year, Alex hopes to attend a top-tier law school and work with international law, focusing on human rights and someday hopes to open her own practice.
Social Chair
Name: Nick Oliver (
About: Nick is a junior at IU this year and is interested in tax and coporate law. He would like to attend a Big 10 law school and plans on a career as a corporate lawyer for a multinational corporation.

Philanthropy Chair
Name: Erica Boorom (
About: Erica will be graduating this May and is interested in studying stocks and trading litigation or international human rights law. With hopes to attend UC Berkeley or Colombia Law School, Erica plans on a career as an attorney for Wall Street or the United Nations.
Membership Chair
Name: Lindsey Fleischman
Major: Legal Studies
About: Lindsey is a sohpomore at IU this year and is interested in studying criminal law. She would like to attend a top tier law school and hopes to work as a defense attorney for her family's firm in the future.
Mock Trial Co-Chair
Name: Brandyn Arnold (
Major: Political Science; 2015
About: Brandyn is on his second year as mock trial chair for Phi Alpha Delta. After completing his undergraduate degree, he is looking into attending law school the following year. He holds a special interest in constitutional law.
Fundraising Chair
Name: Kelsey Gorman (
Major: Economics, Political Science- December 2014
Minor: Spanish
About: Kelsey will be graduating from Indiana University in December in order to gain work experience before heading to law school in the fall of 2015. Her interests are in intellectual property, corporate and constitutional law.
Publicity Chair
Name: James Titzer
Major: Economics
About: James is sophomore who is interested in studying interntional and constitutional law. He plans to attend law school at Georgetown University and dreams of a career as a political consultant or Governor of Indiana.