What are Cicadas
Cicadas Described
Annual vs. Periodical
Cicada Lifecycle
Nymph and Emergence
Final Molt
Egg Laying
Brood Distribution
Interactive Map
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This presentation was created by IU Biology and WonderLab Museum with funding from the National Science Foundation on grant NSF ESI-0514672.

Professor Keith Clay provided the content

Chuck Winkle created the brood distribution maps

Samuel Orr filmed the cicada footage

Don Marvel edited the video

Cameron Thibos compiled the presentation

Terri Greene made updates (Dec 2008).

More information about periodical cicadas can be found on the cicada research project pages at the IU Research and Teaching Preserve Web site.

The hour-long, award winning documentary on periodical cicadas is now available while supplies last. For details and to learn how you can obtain a copy, visit the Return of the Cicadas Web page.