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Return of the Cicadas

Periodical cicadas are one of the most unique creatures on Earth. In this booklet and DVD, you'll get an amazing glimpse of the lives of these fascinating insects, through stunning close-up video and time-lapse photography. Return of the Cicadas focuses on Brood X, which emerged throughout the midwestern United States in 2004--and will again in 2021.

Brood X offers a dramatic and visually compelling lesson about ecology, animal behavior, biodiversity, forests, insects, and the influence of humans on nature.

The 2004 Brood X cicadas have come and gone. But a small part of their lives and songs have been captured in Return of the Cicadas for all to see and hear. The Return of the Cicadas can be viewed on the WFYI public TV website. See instructions below for ordering copies of the video on DVD.

The Return of the Cicadas DVD contains:
  • Full-length documentary
  • 5-minute short
  • Research in action
  • Brood maps
  • Life cycle shorts

To obtain a copy of the DVD and accompanying informational booklet--send your name, mailing address, and $5 (shipping and handling) for each Return of the Cicadas set ordered to:

Return of the Cicadas
IU Research and Teaching Preserve
Multidisciplinary Science Bldg. II
702 N. Walnut Grove Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405-2204

Make check payable to Indiana University.

Return of the Cicadas informational booklet is available for free download.

This project was made possible by Communicating Research to Public Audiences (CRPA) grant #ESI-0514672 from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Clay, Orr, and Hangarter The Return of the Cicadas documentary crew (left to right): Keith Clay, Sam Orr, and Roger Hangarter.

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