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Nature Hike
Hilltop Summer Youth Garden Program
June 24, 2009

      slide show of Hilltop summer campers on nature hike at Griffy

IURTP Graduate Assistant Jenna Morrison led an invasive plant and interpretive nature hike at Griffy Woods for the Hilltop Summer Youth Garden Program. The word "invasive" was new for the campers, ranging in age from 6 to 12, but they quickly realized it was a plant similar to the weeds in their garden plots at Hilltop. Jenna taught them how to identify three of the most common invasive plants at Griffy Woods: bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, and multiflora rose. The 17 campers and their two counselors followed Jenna along the Huckleberry Ridge trail, stopping to talk about forest succession, smelling spicebush leaves, examining geodes, and even being surprised by a box turtle crossing the path.

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