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LEED certification


Driveway, retention pond

The roof

Solar hot water system

The floor

Energy efficiency, lighting

Water conservation, sewage

Showers, furniture

"Green" transportation

LEED certification plaque

IU Research and Teaching Preserve
Field Lab Green Features
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Envriolet VP combines a vacuum flush toilet with a composting toilet system, converting waste into compost through automatic aeration and natural microbe action.

The system uses less water than conventional flush toilets (flushes with 0.5 liters or less of water). I It requires a compost accelerator and rapid-dissolving toilet paper. As a result, there is a 97.7 percent reduction in amount of water required for sewage conveyance.

And, the Presby septic system on site treats 100 percent of water used such that the building makes ZERO contribution to the public sewer systems. Further, because we use composting toilets, no human waste from the Field Lab goes into the septic system.

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