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Geographic Information System (GIS)
for the IU Research & Teaching Preserve

The IURTP has a Geographic Information System (GIS) based in ESRI ArcGIS available for use by students, instructors, and researchers. A GIS is a very useful mapping and analysis system for creating maps of study sites to locate potential research areas, derive information about research sites, and to do geographic analysis.

Aerial overview of IU RTP properties 2010. Click to enlarge
Our data files are formatted for ESRI ArcMap which is available on all the computers in the computer lab of the Griffy Woods Field Lab. The data are housed on IU Bloomington's Research File Server (RFS) and can be accessed from any computer with a direct or VPN connection to IU. Files can be downloaded to a local directory or used online. If you have your own GIS license or would like to use the data from one of the computer labs on campus, you can request a password and access instructions from the IU RTP office.

The IU RTP also offers GIS support to researchers and instructors, ranging from tips on how to create your own maps to basic map construction and analysis. For information and assistance, contact Angie Shelton at or 812-855-1674.

GIS data layers available for IU RTP properties


  • Aerial photos (each IU RTP property and Brown, Monroe, Morgan Counties)
  • Satellite Images - standard and shaded relief


  • Digital elevation models (each IU RTP property and Brown, Monroe, Morgan Counties)
  • Aspect
  • Slope
  • Contours - 10 ft
  • Contours - 2 ft (Griffy Woods and Bayles Road)
  • Topographic maps - most of Monroe and Brown Counties


  • Hydrography - lines
  • Hydrography - polygons
  • Hydrography - IU RTP drainages
  • Lake Monroe - polygon
  • Watershed - Sycamore Creek of Bradford Woods
  • Watersheds - HUC11, HUC14, and smaller subwatersheds
  • Flood plains
  • Flood-prone soils
  • Wetlands

Climate and Geology

  • Precipitation
  • Surficial geology
  • Bedrock
  • Karst
  • Vegetation growth - average
  • Vegetation growth - peak
  • Soil parent materials
  • Soils - Monroe and Brown County


  • Property boundaries - IU RTP properties
  • Property boundaries - some adjacent properties and Monroe County
  • Monroe County GIS data (updated 2008)
  • Counties - Indiana counties, IU RTP counties
  • County Assessor parcels


  • Experiment locations (deer exclosures, Lilly-Dickey forest survey plot, invasive removal plots, Griffy 100 m grid posts)
  • Clipping layers - rectangles of property areas for selecting subsets of other data layers

Roads and Trails

  • Roads - INDOT 2005
  • Trails - IU RTP public
  • Trails - IU RTP private
  • Trails - Indiana


  • IU Bloomington landbase
  • Land Survey - Monroe County
  • Population data - census 2000
  • Population data - cities and towns
  • Population data - urban areas
  • Golf cart paths
  • Golf course fairways

Click to images below for enlarged view.
Griffy Woods west
Griffy Woods west
Griffy Woods overview
Griffy Woods overview
Griffy Woods slope aspect
Griffy Woods slope aspect

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