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Moores Creek

The Moores Creek site is 7 miles southeast of campus along the shore of Lake Monroe. This 261-acre tract of land is contiguous with federally owned land managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The area is larger than Griffy Woods and has a more consistent landscape. Nearly 100% of the site consists of heavily-forested and steeply-dissected ridge and ravine topography. Access is difficult and there is little evidence of human presence. The area was logged in the past (during the 1930s or earlier), but there are many very large trees with continuous canopy cover. This site will allow extensive, highly-replicated long-term field studies under more-or-less pristine conditions.

Quick Facts

Driving time from campus: 15-20 min. Date Acquired by IU: 1967 (244 acres) in trade with US Army Corp of Engineers for land now under Lake Monroe, 1987 (17 acres)
Nearby Public Land: Indiana DNR, US Forest Service, US Army Corp of Engineers Current Land Use: Forest preserve with no formal land management; informal use for hiking, fishing
Land Forms: Flat-topped elongate ridgetops; rugged, highly ravined slopes; elevation range 540-750 ft; 1.4 miles of shoreline on Lake Monroe
Vegetation: Mature Oak-Beech-Maple forest varying with topographic position and exposure; some bottomland forest in ravine bottoms; evidence of logging in some areas (in 1930s or earlier); pawpaw and spicebush understory in mesic areas and more open in drier areas; population of rare trailing arbutus; rich flora of spring wildflowers, especially in bottomlands.
Geology: Thin layer of Harrodsburg/Ramp Creek limestone on ridgetops and Borden siltstone/shale in valleys; exposure along lakefront bluffs and in deep ravines; unglaciated thin soils
Access: The Moores Creek site is not available to the public.

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Relevant Publications
  • Vitousek, P.M. 1984. Anion fluxes in three Indiana forests. Oecologia. 61:105-108.

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moss-covered boulders in woods
Moss-covered boulders
Trailing Arbutus plant in flower
Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens)
adult Bald Eagle
Adult Bald Eagle sitting on iced-over lake

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