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map of Griffy Woods
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The Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) consists of seven sites totaling nearly 1600 acres of natural areas located only minutes from the heart of IU's Bloomington campus--Bayles Road, Bradford Woods, Kent Farm, Griffy Woods, Lilly-Dickey Woods, MMSF AmeriFlux Tower, and Moores Creek.

Both the Griffy Woods and Moores Creek sites are adjacent to lakes offering outstanding access to aquatic habitats. Given the differences in accessibility, distance from campus, and nature of the sites, the Moores Creek site is primarily dedicated for faculty and graduate research, while Griffy Woods is used for undergraduate education, student research, and public education.

students hiking through Lilly-Dickey Woods
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In 2003 the Lilly-Dickey Woods site, a 550-acre property in Brown County, was added to the IU RTP system. The addition of this high quality and unique habitat enhances opportunities for extramural funding, facilitates Interdisciplinary environmental sciences, creates opportunities for new educational programs, and ensures protection of this property with regional conservation significance.

In 2006 Bayles Road and Kent Farm were added. These properties have been long-time favorites of biology and environmental sciences researchers. Bayles Road offers previous agricultural fields for a variety of plant research. Kent Farm has a wide array of successional habitats for teaching and research opportunities.

The Morgan-Monroe State Forest (MMSF) AmeriFlux Tower and a portion of Bradford Woods were added to the preserve in 2009. The MMSF AmeriFlux site allows researchers to collect and analyze data regarding biosphere-atmosphere exchange of carbon. The tower has been in operation since 1998 and regularly contributes data to both AmeriFlux and Fluxnet databases. The addition of the northernmost 437 acres of Bradford Woods to the IU RTP system offers a large perennial stream and a contiguous block of forest with limited interior fragmentation. The lodging and dining facilities at Bradford Woods also open up opportunity for extended field work as well as biological/ecological conferences.

The map below encompasses five of the IU RTP's properties. Information and maps for each property can be found on the individual property pages.

map showing location of RTP properties

Bayles Road

Bradford Woods

Griffy Woods

Kent Farm

Lilly-Dickey Woods

MMSF AmeriFlux Tower

Moores Creek

View a satellite image of the RTP properties (minus Bradford Woods and the MMSF AmeriFlux Tower).

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