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Research Activity Survey

The IU Research and Teaching Preserve Research Activity Survey (RAS) should be completed before commencing research activities in the IU Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP). This form should be completed by all researchers whether projects are short-term or long-term. This includes students conducting short-term independent (< 1 year) research projects under the supervision of an instructor. The requested information will be used to:

  • Ensure that proposed and current preserve activities do not conflict.
  • Provide assistance to researchers in selecting appropriate sites without the concern of interfering with past and ongoing research.
  • Establish a database of descriptive data pertaining to the preserve.
  • Facilitate data exchange and collaborations between researchers and educators.
  • Catalogue locations and types of preserve activities research for patrols and monitoring.

Information collected will be maintained in a database at the IU RTP office and will be used to limit overlapping research experiments and protect the privacy and integrity of research projects.

The Research Activity Survey is to be completed by the Principal Investigator (PI). The form may be completed online OR downloaded and sent to the IU RTP office.

Reseach Reports: Researchers will file annual (due in yearly increments based on the date of commencement of the project) reports to the RTP director that include: a brief description of research objectives and methods (first and final reports only), a summary of the results of the project(s), a list of data generated and contact information for those interested in the data, relevant images/photographs, and list of publications resulting from the project(s). An online report form is available. Reports may also be submitted in hard copy format to the IU RTP office or e-mailed as a PDF file to

Revised: March 21, 2011

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