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The Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) contributes to the research mission of Indiana University. The preserve is an important resource for undergraduate and graduate students. For example, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES) majors are able to conduct required research projects in environmental sciences in protected natural environments close to campus. Similarly, the Biology Department encourages undergraduates to conduct independent research through its L490 program. Other academic units also encourage undergraduate research projects appropriate for the preserve. Field-based graduate research leading to the Masters or Ph.D. degree occurs in many programs (e.g., Geological Sciences, Geography, Biology, SPEA, HPER). Approximately one-half of the 50+ graduate students in the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior program in Biology conduct field-based research. Of course, the RTP provides various natural environments for faculty and postdoctoral research as well.

Recent and Past Projects. Field-based research has been and continues to be prevalent in the natural areas on or near campus. Our Publications page contains a bibliography of articles and theses pertaining to research conducted at the RTP properties--before and after the establishment of the RTP. If you have publications or are aware of publications not listed which were derived from research conducted at preserve properties, please contact us with the references. We would like to add your publications to our list. Browse our Recent Projects and Past Projects pages for a sampling of research activities at the Research and Teaching Preserve.

Prospective Research and Grants. If you are currently conducting research at the Research and Teaching Preserve or are interested in starting research, please fill out a Research Activity Survey. Small grants are available to students for research at the RTP. To apply, submit a Grant Application Form as well as a Recommendation Form. All forms can be completed online OR downloaded and returned to the RTP office.

Equipment and Facilities. Various tools and devices from our equipment inventory may be borrowed to use for RTP research activities. Maps are also available. A field laboratory, observation deck at University Lake (Willard Pavilion), and a shelter house are located on the Griffy Woods property. For more details and a list of equipment, visit our Equipment and Facilities page.

Revised: March 21, 2011

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