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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you like to hike and enjoy nature? Are you looking for a way to have a positive impact on the environment? Would you like to meet other outdoor enthusiasts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider volunteering at the IU Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP). The preserve has nearly 1,600 acres with miles of trails and many unique natural features to oversee and maintain. Volunteers are needed for trail construction and maintenance, environmental cleanups, and general monitoring of the status of the preserve properties.

Volunteers assisted with a variety of activities (including trail building and removing invasive plant species) at Griffy Woods during weekly volunteer events in Fall 2011.

Upcoming Volunteer Events

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Are you or your group looking for volunteer opportunities? Contact the preserve office at 812-855-8742 or

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at Kent Farm (2009)

National Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts

From Boy Scout volunteer comment cards:

"We came, we saw, we cleared."

"A lot of work but fun and very fulfilling."

Past Volunteer Days

National Order of the Arrow Conference Boy Scout "Operation Service"

Moores Creek environmental cleanup

Moores Creek trail building

Student Stewardship at Preserve

Student volunteers are wanted to help oversee and care for the IU Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) through trail construction and maintenance, environmental cleanups, and general monitoring of the status of preserve properties. The Student Stewardship at the Preserve (SSP) program seeks small groups of students to adopt a specific location within the RTP to monitor, care for, and report on.

We . . . cleared the path of fallen trees and branches, collected what must have been 70-80 pounds of recyclables and trash, and identified more clean-up areas for our next trip. The trail is definitely clearer and prettier, and the surrounding area is much safer for humans and wildlife.   . . . I think we have a good year ahead!

Dr. Jeffrey D. Holdeman
Director, Global Village Living-Learning Center

Purpose: The SSP program offers IU students an opportunity to serve and enjoy the natural areas of the campus community. The IU RTP has many miles of trails, outdoor classrooms, and access sites to care for, maintain, and look after. This program provides both a service to the RTP while supporting student involvement in natural areas issues.

SSP volunteers from Global Village

SSP Volunteer Responsibilities: SSP groups will join the RTP staff as caretakers for the preserve's many sites. Volunteer activities include trail cleanup and maintenance, parking lot cleanup, invasive species eradication, monthly reporting of visits to the preserve, and assisting RTP staff with programs.

Forming an SSP Group: All SSP groups must have multiple members in order to provide assistance and safety while hiking at the RTP. Students interested in becoming an SSP volunteer should contact the preserve manager at 812-855-8742 or Students can form their own groups, or individuals can be added to pre-existing groups.

Locations for SSP Groups:

Preserve Property Adopted by
Griffy Woods (to be split among 2 SSP groups) Trails 1 & 2–Global Village; Trails 3, 4, & 5 available
Lilly-Dickey Woods (2 groups)–the main loop trails and parking area (available)
Moores Creek (1 group)–main trail and parking area (available)
Kent Farm (1 group)–loop trail and road frontage on Kent and McGowan Roads (available)

Reporting Form: SSP groups are required to submit a brief report to the IU RTP office monthly. Download SSP report form.

Revised: August 26, 2013

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