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Environmental Monitoring at Griffy Woods
Weather, Griffy Creek, and University Lake

Data from environmental monitoring stations at the Griffy Woods property are collected over the Internet as well as displayed on this website thanks to NSF FSML grant funding that made possible the purchase of necessary equipment and software. Data from a weather station and from a weir maintained by Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) may be viewed by visiting the appropriate links below. Also available for viewing are data from instrumentation on University Lake.

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Griffy weather station The Griffy Woods micrometeorological station has been collecting data since Fall 2007. Air and soil temperature, net radiation, wind speed, relative humidity, and other readings acquired from the station are critical components for such things as the calculation of local energy budgets used in modeling of plant growth conditions. The continuous collection of dynamic measurements is important to multiple studies at the IU RTP.

Sycamore Valley weir on Griffy Creek The broad-crested weir is located in Sycamore Valley on the south fork of Griffy Creek. It facilitates the measurement of discharge by knowing the height of the water above the weir. The water height is measured and recorded using a pressure transducer and data logger. The weir will handle a maximum of 235 cubic feet/second (cfs) of water before the water flows around the flood plain.

Spencer's instruments on University Lake Spencer Hall (IU Department of Biology) installed real-time meteorological and thermal monitoring instrumentation on University Lake to gather data for his research. Lake temperatures from the surface to 8 meters below the surface are displayed. Dissolved oxygen amounts and other data are also displayed. Professor Hall removes his monitoring station during the winter months.

The data on this site are sampled by instruments at the IU Research and Teaching Preserve Griffy Woods property in Bloomington, Indiana. Although the data are believed to be accurate, a degree of error is inherent in all data. The data are displayed as collected without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of suitability to a particular purpose or use.

Revised: July 11, 2013

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