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Welcome to Configural Processing Consortium 2010!

The Configural Processing Consortium (CPC) is an annual workshop bringing together specialists in the field of configurality research. Each year, we seek to both define the major problems underlying the field of configural processing and to develop more unified ways of approaching these problems. We incorporate research and models from all areas of human perception (not just face perception).

CPC 2010 will take place in the Danforth University Center, room 276 from 8:30am to 6pm CST. This building is #27 on the campus map. Anypne wishing to travel to the meeting together from the Psychonomics hotel or its vicinity, please meet in the lobby at 7:30am. For more information on participating in CPC 2010, please see the Participation page. For more information on the meeting location and Metrolink directions, please see the Accommodations page.

CPC 2010 Program Available HERE!


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Washington University Department of Psychology