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Indiana University Bloomington

Tutors for Psychology & Neuroscience Classes

Psi Chi maintains a list of students who've volunteered to serve as FREE tutors for psychology & neuroscience classes.

Before you contact Psi Chi - or meet with any tutor - we encourage you to consult with your professor or assistant instructor about how you're approaching the class. Before you meet with a tutor - or after - go talk to your professor or the teaching assistant to assess whether the work you are doing on your own and with your tutor is likely to help.

Remember: Your time with a tutor is not a substitute for regular class attendance, completing assignments, studying an adequate amount of time each week on your own, and asking questions during class or during office hours.

Ask questions of any potential tutor, including:

  • What will we do together when we meet?
  • What do you recommend I do to prepare for our sessions?
  • What do you think is the best way to study for this class?
  • How often do you suggest we meet?
  • What are the days & times you're available this semester?
  • How many students have you tutored for this course in the past?
  • Can you provide me with the name & email of at least one student you've tutored for this course?

You can contact Psi Chi to request a tutor or to offer to serve as a tutor by emailing psichi [at] In your email tell them:

  • Your name and your IU email address
  • The number of the PBS course you'd like help with (P101 or P155 or K300 or P346 or...)
  • The name of your instructor

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