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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for Classes

When do we register for classes for next term?

Early Enrollment is the period set aside each semester for continuing students to register for classes for the next term.

If you miss Early Enrollment, you can still enroll during the Open Registration period, but many classes will have filled and a fee will be assessed. If you wait until Late Registration begins, additional fees will be assessed.

Early Enrollment/Registration Dates:

  • Early Enrollment for Fall classes starts in early April.
  • Early Enrollment for Spring classes starts mid-October.
  • Early Enrollment for Summer classes starts mid-March.

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for dates for Early Enrollment/Registration, Open Registration, and Late Registration:

When is my Enrollment Appointment?

Each term, you're assigned a personal registration appointment based on your class standing and the total number of credits you've earned. The more credits you've earned, the earlier your appointment.

The date and time at which you can begin enrolling in classes via Onestart is referred to as your Enrollment Appointment. You won't be able to enroll in classes before the time set for your enrollment appointment.

You do not have register at this precise time, but you should register as close to this time as possible to ensure the best selection of courses. You may access the system anytime after this date and time.

To see your personal Enrollment Appointment, log into Onestart and go to the Student Self-Service tab. Then, go the Student Center tab. Look in the blue box on the right side of the screen labeled, "Enrollment Dates". Click on "details" to see the time of day you have been assigned to access this system.

Students who are eligible to enroll, but do not have a registration appointment, may do so during Open Registration. This includes all new undergraduate students, and intercampus transfer students.

Do I make my Enrollment/Registration Appointment with a PBS Academic Advisor?

No. Your Enrollment / Registration Appointment is not an appointment with an actual person. You do not need to go to a specific place on campus. This is your appointment time within the online registration system. You just need to be able to access the Onestart Student Center via the internet to register.

Should I meet with my PBS Academic Advisor before I register? If so, when?

If you already know the classes you need to take next semester, then you do not need to schedule a meeting with your PBS Advisor before you register online.

If you do have questions about degree requirements and courses, then we encourage you to explore our Register for Classes page and then make an appointment with an academic advisor.

During the registration period PBS advisors see students by seniority. Keep an eye on your IU email account for a message from the advisors that will state the dates during which they want to see seniors, juniors, sophomores, and first year students during the weeks before/during Early Enrollment.

Appointments during registration fill up quickly - so try to schedule your appointment 7-10 days before the date you want to meet with an advisor!

Advising Begins:

  • Advising for Fall classes starts in mid-March.
  • Advising for Spring classes starts mid-October.
  • Advising for Summer classes starts early March.

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for "Advising Begins" dates:

How do I access my Academic Advisement Report (AAR)?

We recommend that you carefully review your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) each semester before you register for classes! Your AAR shows the requirements you've already completed for your degree and the requirements you must still complete.

Access your AAR at Onestart > Student Center > My Academics and Grades > Advising - the first box on the left). Click View My Advisement Report.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use your AAR while you register for classes refer to Register for Classes.

How do I register for classes using Onestart? Who can I contact for support?

How do I make sure the classes I want to enroll in don't have final exam conflicts?

Consult the Final Exam Schedule.

If a class is closed (full), how can I use waitlist and drop if enroll to try to enroll?

The waitlist and drop if enroll features in the registration system allow students to place themselves in line to enroll in a closed class (maximum enrollment reached) as seats become available. These tools are designed to give students a chance to get into closed classes.

See Student Central: Waitlist a Class for complete instructions and tips!

How can I add or drop classes before the Automatic W deadline? What are the fees?

You can use Onestart to add or drop a class anytime between when you first register for classes up until the Automatic W deadline for that term. Students may withdraw from a class for any reason up until the Automatic W date. Adding a class typically requires faculty permission after the end of the first week of classes.

Exactly what you'll have to do to drop or add a class depends on your timeframe: Carefully read Student Central's pages on Drop or Add a Class!!

Contact Student Central and/or your Academic Advisor to make sure you fully understand the impact of adjusting your schedule on your finances (fees, loans or scholarships) and your progress toward graduation.

See the "Drop/Add Access Fee" and "Late Schedule Change Fee" at Tuition and Fee Rates - just select "Miscellaneous" from the drop down menu.

If you've decided to adjust your schedule after the end of the first week of classes, you may find the instruction sheets for Late Drop/Add useful: eDrop , eDrop/eAdd Pair , eAdd

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for "Late Drop/Add" and "Automatic Withdrawal" dates:

Can I withdraw from one or more classes after the Automatic W deadline? Under what circumstances? Deadlines?

After the Automatic W date has passed, students may petition the Dean for withdrawal for urgent reasons beyond the student's control related to extended illness or equivalent distress.

The desire to avoid a low grade is not sufficient reason for the Dean to approve a withdrawal. If students withdraw with the Dean's consent, their grade in the course shall be W if they are passing at the time of withdrawal or F if they are not passing at the time of withdrawal.

Go to Student Central's Drop or Add a Class page, click on the Choose Your Time Frame tab to read "After the Auto-W Deadline", "After the Last Day to Drop a Course" and "After the End of the Term".

Read the College of Arts & Sciences' Withdrawals from Courses Policy.

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for the "Withdrawal with a grade of W or F" dates:

What would I need to do to withdraw from all of my classes? What are the fees? Deadlines?

Withdrawing from all classes is a very serious step. We encourage you to talk with your Academic Advisor before taking any action.

The policy and procedures for withdrawing from all courses depend on when you withdraw. See Withdraw from all classes.

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for the "Refund Deadlines" (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%):


What are Early Evaluation grades? When are they available? Where?

Students should check their grades frequently throughout the semester in Oncourse. For each class in which you're enrolled, click on the "Gradebook" link to see the scores your instructor has recorded for you for their class.

Instructors must report Early Evaluation (Midterm) grades for University Division students by Monday of the 6th week of the regular academic term.

Learn how to view your Early Evaluation Grades in Onestart.

What does my GPA mean? How can I estimate my GPA?

See Student Central's Explanation of Grades to learn how your GPA is determined on the credit point system.

Use the GPA Calculator to estimate your GPA for the current semester.

What classes can be taken pass/fail? How do I apply? What is the deadline?

In the College of Arts & Sciences, the pass/fail option is limited to a maximum of two elective courses per academic year. Druing your freshman year, two additional HPER-E (physical activity courses are allowed). Read about the College of Arts & Sciences Pass/Fail Option to see if it is an option for the class you're thinking about.

If it is an option, then you'll need to contact an advisor in your major department to obtain a form and submit it to the College Recorder's Office before the relevant deadline - which is typically fairly early in the semester.

Check the Enrollment Bulletin for "Pass/Fail Option" deadline:

What is the Course Retake (Extended-X) Policy? How will retaking a class impact my GPA and my transcript?

Students who receive a grade lower than an A may be eligible, upon retaking the course, to remove the first grade from their grade point average (GPA).

Students wishing to exercise this option must visit their advisor and/or school's records office to complete an Extended-X (EX) petition to remove the effect of the bad grade from the GPA.

See Student Central's Ways to Take a Class page - just cick on the Retake a Class tab. Also, read the College of Arts & Sciences Bulletin on Extended-X Policies and Procedures.

Do I qualify for a grade of Incomplete? What do I need to do if I get an Incomplete? How long do I have before an Incomplete turns to an F?

The grade of incomplete is intended for students who are absent during the last portion of the term and are therefore unable to take the final exam or complete a final project for an urgent reason.

The College of Arts & Sciences Bulletin provides the official statement on the Grade of Incomplete - from which I quote:

A grade of I (Incomplete) may be given only when the work of the course is substantially completed and when the student's work is of passing quality. A grade of I may not be given when a student has taken the final exam or completed the final paper or project for the course....

The time allowed for the removal of an I may not exceed one calendar year from the date of its recording, although the dean of the student's college or school may authorize adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances.

To complete a course in which a student received a grade of I, the student should consult with the instructor. The student should not reenroll in the course.

By assigning an I, an instructor implicitly authorizes and requires the I to be changed to an F at the end of one calendar year if that instructor does not act to remove the I. The registrar will automatically change the I to an F at the end of this time period.

What is academic probation? What should I do if I get a letter? When can academic probation lead to dismissal?

If you are placed on Academic Probation, a letter will be sent to you regarding your academic situation. Continued poor academic performance may result in dismissal from the College.

If you are experiencing academic difficulties, please speak with an academic advisor in your major department right away.

Read the College of Arts & Sciences policy on Academic Probation and Dismissal.

Majors & Minors

How do I declare a second major (option only available to B. A. candidates)?

To declare a second major you must meet with an academic advisor for the department that offers the major you wish to declare.

How do I declare a minor or certificate?

You can graduate with up to three minors on your record. To declare a minor, you must contact an academic advisor for academic department(s) in which you wish to minor.

You may be able to apply online or submit a form to the department or you may need to meet with the advisor.

You can apply online for a Psychology Minor or submit an application for a Neuroscience Certificate.

You can apply for minors in business, education, informatics, medical sciences, or public and environmental afairs at the College Recorder's Office.

How do I change my major?

You must meet with an academic advisor for the department that offers the major you wish to declare. The advisor will process the major change on your behalf.

How do I drop a major or minor?

You can drop a second major or any minor by logging in on the College Recorder's Office homepage and completing the information requested.

Academic Distinctions & Opportunities

How can I qualify for Dean's List? What about earning Honors?

Consult Academic Distinctions - Dean's List, Degrees Awarded with Distinction, Departmental Honors, Hutton Honors, Phi Beta Kappa.

How can I learn more about special academic opportunities?

Consult Academic Opportunities - Living-Learning Centers, Themester, Minority & First-Generation Scholars, Overseas Study Programs.

Transfer Credits & Intercampus Transfers

How will classes from another institution transfer to IU?

The online Credit Transfer Service shows how courses taken at other colleges and universities would transfer to IU Bloomington. The service is designed for all students including incoming students and current IU student wishing to take an IU equivalent course at another institution.

The Credit Transfer Service is automated and easy to use. You can search the database in two different ways:

  • If you would like to transfer to IU Bloomington from another college or university and you want to see how your credits would transfer, you can search by the school from which you would like to transfer.
  • If you are a current IU Bloomington student and you would like to take a course at another institution to transfer back to IU, you can search by the IU course number for which you would like to earn credit.

How can I transfer from one IU campus to another?

Start at Student Central - Transfer to Another Campus.

Access additional information at Office of Admissions - Intercampus Transfer and the Intercampus Transfer website.

Graduation - Degrees, Diplomas, Transcripts

How and when do I need to apply for graduation?

An application for graduation with a degree must be submitted to the College Recorder's Office many months ahead of the desired graduation date. Priority dates to submit the application:

  • May Graduation - June 1 of the previous year
  • August Graduation - December 1 of the previous year
  • December Graduation - March 1

Apply to graduate online at the College Recorder's website.

What do I need to do to receive my diploma?

What do I need to know about my Commencement Ceremony?

How do I request an official transcript?

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