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If you have questions about enrollment dates, your enrollment appointment, or meeting with a PBS Academic Advisor, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 1. Review Your Degree Requirements

We recommend that you run your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) each semester. Your AAR shows the requirements you've already completed for your degree and the requirements you must still complete.

  • How to Read Your AAR: Brief and Detailed.
  • If you're planning to meet with an Academic Advisor, download a printer friendly AAR and take it with you.
  • You can use your AAR to see how your degree requirements would change if you added or changed a minor or major -or- to see how a course you're considering taking might count towards your requirements. See What-If Scenario 1 or 2.

Step 2. Choose Courses

Psychological & Brain Sciences (PSY) Courses

Schedule of Classes

  • Schedule of Classes - browse courses offered by term, includes all departments.

  • Special Course Listings shows 8-week courses and courses that fulfill degree particular degree requirements such as Intensive Writing, CASE A&H, S&H, more.... To find Critical Approaches (CAPP) courses, look for Other Special Course Offerings, and then Critical Approaches.

Course Designations

  • College of Arts & Sciences Education (CASE) Course Offerings Tool - browse courses that fulfill CASE degree requirements (Foundations, A&H, S&H, N&M, more...).
  • Use the CASE Course Offerings Tool to find courses scheduled for the current or upcoming semesters that fulfill requirements listed below.

    • CASE Breadth of Inquiry
      • CASE A&H (Arts & Humanities)
      • CASE S&H (Social & Historical Sciences)
      • CASE N&M (Natural & Mathematical Sciences)
    • CASE CAPP (Critical Approaches)
    • CASE Culture Studies
      • CASE DUS (Diversity in the United States)
      • CASE GCC (Global Civilizations & Cultures)
    • Foundations Courses
      • CASE EC (English Composition)
      • CASE MM (Mathematical Modeling)

  • General Education Courses.

Step 3: Register using OneStart