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Indiana University Bloomington

Career Development Courses

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers:
  • P199 Planning Your Psychology Career (1-cr) is required for all psychology majors. We encourage you to enroll in your sophomore year! Goals: Independently explore careers of interest to you, practice job search skills like networking and informational interviews; research internship experiences, write a professional resume, and plan for graduate school if that is in your future.
  • P299 Sophomore Honors Seminar (3-cr) is for high-achieving students who are planning to attend graduate school and/or enter a career in research. Faculty presentations will help students find a place in a laboratory assisting in research, in preparation for earning an Honors Degree. The course counts as the major careers course (in the place of P199); counts for Intensive Writing credit, and for the Hutton Honor's College. Registration is by permission, applications are available in the advising office.
  • P457 Taking Psychology to Business explores the many connections between psychological science and business. Taking Psychology to Business is a complement to P199, but it will not satisfy the departmental career class requirement.

The Career Development Center (CDC) and Arts & Sciences Career Services (ASCS) offer the following courses:

If you are planning a career in business and working to earn a Minor or Certificate in Business then you should consider enrolling in Kelley's Compass courses.

The resources of the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Career Services Office is available to psychology and neuroscience majors who enroll in Compass 1 (T-175) and Compass 2 (T-275).

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