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Internships of Psychology & Neuroscience Majors

Employers and graduate schools prefer applicants who have career-relevant experience over those who do not. Over 80% of college students will complete at least one internship experience and many will complete two before they graduate.

Psychology and neuroscience majors are mulifacted and multitalented individuals who will enter many different career fields. To find an internship, you'll need to explore careers that interest you.

The purpose of providing 50+ examples below is to stimulate your thinking - they are a sample of internships completed by our majors a few summers ago. There are 1,000's of similar (and different) opportunities for which you're qualified.

Frequently asked questions about internships:

  • The official title of your position (volunteer, field experience student, research assistant, employee, intern...) matters much less than what you accomplish in that position.

    How can you know if a volunteer position, job, or internship will be valuable? It should include some - or all - of the following:

    • You enhance your transferable skills (e.g., professional communication, teamwork, project management, etc.) or specialized knowledge while accomplishing goals that you can summarize on your resume.
    • You learn about a career by networking with professionals.
    • You get to observe professionals in action.
    • You work with a professional while you perform some of the tasks that are part of the career. That person serves as your supervisor, to whom you can turn for feedback. You work closely enough with them so that they can describe, in detail, what you accomplished for their organization.
    • You receive sufficient training that you're allowed to perform tasks that are part of the career independently and/or you independently complete a significant project on behalf of the organization.
  • Many students who search national internship databases quickly become frustrated.

    If you search for "internships for ___ majors" you'll get a list of opportunities that someone else - we don't know who - thinks might interest you. Oftentimes these lists won't fit your career interests.

    To make matters worse for students searching for internships online, 80% of all internship & job opportunities are never posted online - they're part of the hidden job market. Many internship experiences don't even exist until a student networks with a professional and they realize that they could establish a mutually beneficial working relationship.

    To make your internship search as effective and efficient as possible, we encourage you to utilize Arts & Sciences Career Services resources:

    • Internships - start your search as early as your first year.
    • Career advising - available on a drop-in basis or by appointment.
    • myJobs - postings exclusively for IU students and from national databases.
    • The IU Career Guides help students research careers, professional associations, internships, and more in 24 career interest areas.
    • Attend Arts & Sciences Career Services events, including internship and career fairs, networking nights and more.
    • Once you've secured an internship, you can earn course credit via ASCS-Q398.

50+ Internships of Psychology & Neuroscience Majors

Camp Saginaw, Cherry Hill, NJ. Internship Title: Assistant Division Leader. In this position, when the division leader is not in camp, the intern will not only be in charge of the entire division (60 campers) but also the 25 staff within the division. She will lead daily staff meetings and become the point person for any issue a staff member may have about one of their campers.
Englishton Park, Lexington, IN. The Englishton Park Academic Remediation and Training Center is a nonprofit, residential, therapeutic program designed to work with children between the ages of 7 and 12 who are labeled learning disabled, emotionally handicapped, and behaviorally disoriented. The mission of the Englishton Park includes improving the child's academic skills, change the child's attitudes toward learning, having the child experience success in school type activities, and training educators, counselors, psychologists, etc. in effective methods which they can utilize when working with children of special needs.
Milestones Therapeutic Services, Los Angeles, CA. Milestones Therapeutic Services Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive and highly individualized therapy programs to children with learning differences and their families. Intern will serve as a Therapist Assistant and learn several scientifically based intervention programs such as Lindamood-Bell for reading, spelling and speech.
Omni Youth Services, Buffalo Grove, IL. OMNI Youth Services provides counseling, services and programming needs for children and parents struggling with situations involving drugs, gangs, family conflict, neglect and abuse, emotional issues, crime and violence. The Summer Intern will facilitate a trip with Journey Skills For Life. Under the guidance of licensed professional clinicians, adolescents and/or families are challenged in outdoor settings.
People and Animal Learning Services (PALS), Bloomington, IN. Intern will be expected to teach specific riders under supervision throughout the semester. Intern will be required to write lesson plans, rider goals and progress notes for lessons/riders that she teaches. Intern will begin the process to become certified by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA). Intern will teach at least 25 hours of therapeutic lessons in order to be ready to attend a NARHA certification workshop.
Reach High Consulting: Applied Behavior Analysis Center, Bloomington, IN. Reach High Consulting is Indiana's Applied Behavior based autism school. Our focus is on supporting those living with autism by utilizing the Applied Behavior Analysis principles and procedures. Behavior analysts observe children, write behavior plans, implement behavior plans and coach parents and caregivers on how to implement behavior plans.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Psychological & Brain Sciences Resources:

The Journey Fellowship Students Program is a campus-based program for students pursuing careers in or related to youth development. Students participate in retreats and experiences over a year to explore themselves and career options in the field of youth work.

You can earn P493/P494 credit as a research assistant in the IU School of Education's Academic Well Check Program. Read about the AWCP Undergraduate Research Experience and contact the AWCP team for more information. If you're accepted to the AWCP team then contact Dr. Patton to enroll for P493/P494 credit.

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Aflac, Lisle, IL. Internship Title: Human Resources Intern. Recruiting: One of the toughest challenges companies face today is that of attracting top prospects, our intern will learn what it takes to have success. Interviewing: Selling the interviewee on the opportunity, while deciphering the quality of the candidate. Be the only graduate seeking a HR position that has conducted interviews!

Jack Baldwin Computers, Indianapolis, IN. Internship Title: Networking Specialist. Intern will maintain a list of clients and the recommendations made regarding the automation of the client's business. Intern will maintain a professional appearance, handle all clients with professional behavior. Intern will be clear on client communications and discuss with me any problems that arise and make suggestions as to how to best resolve challenges as they appear.

Emmis Communications, Indianapolis, IN. Internship Title: Promotions Intern. Gathering of promotional packlists, calling winners, helping sort prizes, upkeep of the promotions garage, post event picture organization for interactive features, basic proposal writing, and basic event information gathering and production.
Merrill Lynch, Oakbrook, IL. Internship Title: Financial Advisor Intern. You will have the opportunity to work in one of our Global Wealth Management offices directly with an established Financial Advisor. Our Financial Advisors offer sophisticated financial strategies and solutions to our clients. Your experiences as an intern can range from wealth management process & tools, portfolio analysis and review, investment research, client service, marketing, client & prospect seminars, and general office administrative functions.

Merrill Lynch - The FAND Group, New York, NY Internship Title: Global Wealth Management. Intern will help us prepare for client meetings by using our proprietary wealth management tools.

Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, IN. Internship Title: Financial Analyst. Intern will assist with monthly reporting and analysis activities. There will also be projects related to support of our HR, Quality, and/or IT businesses.
The Buckle Inc., Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Marketing and Management Program. Intern will learn administrative tasks such as scheduling, setting up the weekly planner, and using the delegation manager. Intern will also be in charge of a department and seeing its growth as she manages it throughout her internship.
Third Federal Bank, Newtown, PN. Accounting Internship. Performs administrative duties to support the accounting, financial reporting, and control functions of which the following are illustrative: Assists in the processing of electronic funds transfer; Timely preparation of monthly bank reconciliations; Prepares adjusting and correcting entries as needed; Utilizes accounting software to record, store, and analyze information; Utilizes various software applications, such as spreadsheets, relational databases, statistical packages, and graphics packages to assemble and format data and/or reports.
Tommy Hilfiger USA, New York, NY. Internship Title: Sales Intern. Working knowledge will include visual merchandising, sales analysis, utilizing macy plano grams and TH directives, floor set up and fixture placement, communication skills and follow-up.
WFIE 14, Evansville, IN. Internship Title: Marketing Intern. Intern will produce spots, assist with news topical promotion, observe and create visual and audio marketing for the station and get experience in web marketing with aspects of our social media and website campaigns.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

  • Arts & Sciences Career Services: IU Career Guides include: Human Resources and Training; Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations; Nonprofit, Philanthropy, and Fundraising; Business, Finance, and Management; Sales; Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Planning; and more.

If you're accepted into the Liberal Arts Management Program (LAMP), you'll have access to a variety of career development resources.

Kelley School of Business Resources for psychology & neuroscience majors:

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Big Ten Network, Chicago, IL. Internship Title: Marketing Intern. Headquartered in Chicago, the Big Ten Network is the first internationally distributed television network dedicated to covering one of America's premier collegiate conferences. With more than 350 live sports events, and virtually all of them in high definition, the Big Ten Network is the ultimate destination for Big Ten fans and alumni across the country. The network is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Billboard Magazine, New York, NY. Internship Title: Special Events Intern. The intern will have the opportunity to develop the awards show component to specific events and working with the producer and record labels in the coordination process of the show.
Cartoon Network, Burbank, CA. Summer 2009 Intern, Original Series Content. Intern will be asked to backup executive assistants in an administrative role (answering phones, greeting guests and preparing meeting materials). Intern will help organize and track current series materials (dvds, scripts, storyboards) along with assistants. Intern may be asked to do some light editing of sizzle reel material for the network.
Disney College Program, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Internship Title: Cast Member. As a Disney College Program participant, you'll find that flexibility is the key to your program! The program participants must be available to work full time in our theme parks, resorts and other operations areas. You may work nights, weekends or holidays during your program, but Disney will, of course, work around your classroom schedule, and you will have time to study and relax with your friends.
GameZombie Entertainment LLC, Bloomington, IN.

Internship Title: Web Design & Programming: enhancing and improving the functionality of a Webby Honoree Award winning website, including the speed and reliability of a proprietary, flash-based video loader/player and an advanced 3D-based profiles page. Maintaining a high-profile, media-rich site by creating attractive web graphics, overseeing and expanding the burgeoning online forum, and streamlining database code.

Internship Title: Production Management: overseeing a team of approximately fifty talented individuals with over thirty major projects in various stages of development at any given time, averaging ten completed original game videos per month. Managing project and asset distribution, exporting, compressing, and uploading completed videos for webstreaming; optimizing popularity on ITunes, IUSTV, CATS, DailyMotion, Crackle, LiveVideo, Facebook, and over twenty other venues.

Internship Title: Post-Production & Editing: editing game videos to a high degree of professionalism using a broad range of multimedia software, including LiveType, Motion, Final Cut, AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Cinema4D. Implementing advanced and stylish motion graphics, color grading, and sound design.

Greencard Pictures, New York, NY. Internship Title: Production and Marketing Intern. On set, intern will have opportunities to learn production management and coordination. She will PA on shoots of varying size to help her understand budgets, positions and logistics of commercial and music video production.
Indiana University Outdoor Adventures, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: IUOA Banff Mountain Film Festival Internship. Intern served as primary advisor to the Banff Mt. Film Festival World Tour committee at IU; assisted in the promotion and production of the Banff Mt. Film Festival World Tour; served as a liaison between the staff at the BANFF Centre and the student committee; attended weekly committee planning meetings and attend weekly staff meetings and more.
Indiana University Football, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Recruiting Intern. Intern will assist in research of high school football recruits, keeping our coaches updated on the latest news articles. Internship Title: Operations and Coaching Internship. On field duties during spring football practice will be assigned by coaching staff.
MainGate Inc., Indianapolis, IN. Internship Title: Team Franchise. Description: Get practical experience in visual merchandising. Learn about specific aspects of event management including policy implementation; training and development, sales and inventory management; training and development and customer service leadership.
Secretly Canadian, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Assistant Publicist. Secretly Canadian is an independent record label based in Bloomington, Indiana.
The Dolphin Connection, Duck Key, FL. Internship Title: Marine Mammal Intern. Intern will work alongside the animal trainers in all areas of operation of a marine mammal facility. These include: cleaning, fish preparation, public education programs, feeding and maintaining trained behavior with the animals, record keeping and other miscelaneous tasks. All animal interactions will be supervised.
Tropicana Atlantic City Corp., Atlantic City, NJ. Internship Title: Marketing Intern. Assist Director of Media Marketing, Director of Marketing Operations, and Social Media Administrator with any on-going projects within the Marketing spectrum of the casino.
WLKY Channel 32, Louisville, KY. Internship Title: News Summer Intern. Our primary objective is getting our newscasts on.
WTIU Public Broadcast Station, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Assistant Editor. Intern will work with editor Susanne Schwibs as we begin post-production work on a new documentary about the Cuban Revolution.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

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Allen County Department of Planning, Fort Wayne, IN. Internship Title: Extra Deputy. The intern will use GIS mapping applications and GPS technology to integrate the various maps of the project. The intern will use a document management system to electronically record the paper zoning documents submitted over the last 80 years which will then be available via the map. The project will require the intern to define the scope of the project, create measurable milestones and create a plan to reach each milestone.
Indiana Public Interest Research Group, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Environmental Campaign Coordinator. Intern's duties will include handling grassroots campaigns, setting up documentary screenings, putting together tabling events, and raising overall public awareness of environmental issues. Other INPIRG Internship Titles: Intern for New Voters Project, Policy Research Intern.
Indiana State Senate, Indianapolis, IN. Senate Democrat Intern. Legislative internships provide an opportunity for students to gain knowledge of the inner workings of state government by being a part of the process. Interns will thoroughly learn the legislative process, gaining an in-depth understanding of how laws are made in a hands-on environment. Each intern's responsibilities will depend on the legislators and staff with whom he or she works. Typical intern responsibilities include: Staffing committee hearings. Analyzing bill content at each step of the legislative process. Researching past and pending legislation. Attending to constituent correspondence. Helping senators prepare for committee meetings and session days.
Carl Lamb and Associates, Bloomington, IN.

Internship Title: Legal Intern. Intern will assist in daily review of law blogs. Intern will help develop daily electronic postings to websites, as well as assist in organizing monthly newsletter to clients and former clients.

Internship Title: Legal Intern. Intern will meet with witnesses and summarize testimony. Intern will review and summary discovery. Intern will maintain client files and assist attorneys in daily tasks that are requested.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Health Professions Pre-Law Center (HPPLC) Resources:

SPEA houses the IU in DC Programs which welcome students from all majors. Have you always dreamed of a career in government, public affairs, health care policy, or the non-profit sector? Can you think of nothing more exciting than spending a semester living, learning, and working in Washington, D.C.? Check out IU in DC for information about internships at The White House, The Wilderness Society, the Washington Leadership Program (WLP), and Health Policy Leadership Program (HPLP) Internships.

Career-relevant internship opportunities in Bloomington include agencies such as those listed below:

Check out:

If you want to interview an attorney to learn more about their career and inquire about volunteer or internship positions for undergraduates you might want to try Legal Services Organization of Indiana

Keep an eye on the Criminal Justice Blogspot.

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Southern Indiana Pediatrics (SIP), Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Pre-medical Student Assistant.
Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County. The Volunteers in Medicine clinic provides free, quality primary and preventive care for both chronic and acute illnesses. Volunteer Roles: You may greet clients at the front desk, schedule appointments, help fill scripts or stock shelves in the pharmacy, work as an interpreter (Spanish), conduct eligibility interviews, or enter medical data. Psychology and neuroscience majors can get experience at VIM through the VIM Field Experience.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Health Professions Pre-Law Center (HPPLC) Resources:

Indiana Collegiate Emergency Medical Service (IC-EMS)

  • The mission of IC-EMS is to educate and provide emergency medical care to the Indiana University Community. We provide event medical coverage for other student organizations here at IU, as well as local organizations in Bloomington. Also look for IC-EMS on myInvolvement.

Emergency Department Shadowing Program at IU

IU Health Resources:

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Camp Ramapo, Rhinebeck, NY. Camp Ramapo, serves children with a range of emotional and learning problems in a natural, outdoor environment. It provides educational and recreational experiences which promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. The Ramapo counselor staff is mostly comprised of college students majoring in education, psychology and social work. They are carefully selected for the leadership, personal values, enthusiasm, and maturity that enable them to relate to and motivate young people. Each counselor is closely supervised by an administration of knowledgeable and dedicated educators and social service professionals.
Camp Star, Chicago, IL. Camp STAR provides state-of-the-art treatment for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other behavioral and social difficulties. Camp STAR is unique because it combines typical camp activities with evidence-based treatment. Camp STAR is more structured and has a higher staff to camper ratio than most other camps. Children enjoy it tremendously because they feel successful in academics, athletics and social situations.
Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Inc, Warsaw, IN. Lifeline typically can only accept interns if they have previously been employed by Lifeline due to confidentiality concerns. Although they do occasionally accept volunteers in their residential facility in Pierceton, Indiana. Students are encouraged to explore their employment pages - look for open positions as a Homemaker or Family Consultant.
Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility, Logansport, IN. Intern will learn how to participate in staffings with the psychologists and learn how to present a case to the classification committee. Intern will also enter information on our data systems and perform other duties as assigned.
Bloomington Meadows Hospital offers mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Meadows Hospital does not offer volunteer positions due to confidentiality issues, but they do offer part-time employment as a Mental Health Technician. See Meadows Hospital Careers to see if MHT positions are currently available. Psychology and neuroscience majors can get experience at Meadows through the Meadows Field Experience.
Middle Way House, Bloomington, IN.

Internship Title: Crisis Line Worker & Resource Co-ordinator. While on the crisis line (and additional hours as needed) intern will work on a project to update the Middle Way House Resource Board. She will contact Bloomington agencies, update information, and recreate a cohesive well-organized Resource Board for use in the crisis line office.

Internship Title: Building Healthy Relationships Program. Interns receive orientation and additional training and then provide presentations about healthy relationships, rape and sexual assault to area high school students.

The Bowen Center, Warsaw, IN. In addition to the intern's clinical duties, she will also help maintain the safety and the integrity of the group. She will participate in some general clinical/summer program related orientation. She may have some one on one opportunities with the youth, and she may be asked to help keep notes on assigned group members.
Wediko Children's Services, New Hampshire. The Wediko Summer program features 45-day residential school and a variety of activities, including academics, arts, team sports, water sports; daily group therapy, experiential education, and family therapy; and more. The program serves children with social skills deficits; ADD & ADHD; depression & bi-polar disorders; Asperger's Disorder; loss and trauma; behavior problemms; learning disabilities; anxiety; atypical development and attachment disorders. Staff include college & graduate students who receive intensive training before children arrive. Over 130 staff are employed each summer, providing a 1:2 staff/student ratio.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Psychological & Brain Sciences Resources:

If you want to interview a practitioner to learn more about their career and inquire about volunteer or internship positions available for undergraduates, you might want to try:

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American Cancer Society, New Hampshire. Internship Title: Mission Delivery Advocate Intern. The intern will attend an ACS Orientation and participate at 100%. Intern will be educated on the mission and purpose of ACS through the Business Literacy Course. Intern will become familiar with the ACS information delivery tools including and ACS print material. The intern will help in all aspects of the ACS mission by working in Relay For Life Communities.
Crisis Pregnancy Center, Bloomington, IN. Internship Title: Client Services/Fundraising Intern. Intern will be assessing our clients' needs and will work with the staff to organize a donation drive. She will be in charge of getting the donations and will be responsible for broadcasting the donation drive throughout the community.
Eiteljorg Museum, Indianapolis, IN. Internship Title: Merchandising Intern. The intern will be involved in all facets of running a museum gift store on a day-to-day basis: providing a level of customer service which exceeds the expectation of the museum store visitor, acquiring product knowledge of the various merchandise categories carried within the store that pertain to the museum's mission statement of Native American and Western cultures, planning and execution of special events, and more.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Psychological & Brain Sciences Resources:

School of Public & Environmental Affairs Resources:

  • The Non-Profit Leadership Alliance program - prepares and certifies future nonprofit professionals. Our National Nonprofit Partners provide internship and placement opportunities.
  • The IU in DC Programs welcome students from all majors! Have you always dreamed of a career in government, public affairs, health care policy, or the non-profit sector? Can you think of nothing more exciting than spending a semester living, learning, and working in Washington, D.C.? Are you looking for programs that offer all this and more? Check out IU in DC for information about internships at The White House, The Wilderness Society, the Washington Leadership Program (WLP), and Health Policy Leadership Program (HPLP) Internships.

Non-Profit Organization Internship/Job Databases:

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Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Bloomington, IN. About 300 undergraduates take advantage of the opportunity to conduct research with Psychological & Brain Sciences faculty members each year - this is a terrific internship experience for any student who thinks that a career in research might be in their future.

In addition to the few sites listed below, our majors have been selected to participate in many highly competitive research programs across the nation and internationally, including Wood's Hole, MIT, and the Max Planck Institute.

If you're interested in a research internship experience, your first step is to take advantage of Research Opportunities in PBS.

Wright State University School of Medicine, Department of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Dayton, OH. Internship Title: Research Assistant. Intern is assisting with various functions necessary to maintain the laboratory of a professor. Duties include, but are not limited to, inventories, solutions and stocks, antibody storage, equipment maintenance, and dishes.
New York University Department of Psychology, New York, NY. Internship Title: Research Assistant. Intern will assist with administrative duties related to the project described above. Specifically, the intern will help create and update the codebook for this project and maintain a log sheet that will be used to keep track of which responses need to be coded as well as entered into the computer.

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Margaret Mary Community Hospital, Batesville, IN. Social Work Intern. Margaret Mary Community Hospital is dedicated to improving the health of our community. That's why we offer both inpatient and outpatient programs and services for every stage of your life. Our professional, qualified staff is committed to providing you the very best medical care while keeping you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. What's more, you'll be glad to know our services and staff are backed by the latest, most up-to-date technology.
Hope-Unity Freedom Center, Richmond, VA. Intern, whose position will be that of Social Worker, will be asked to help in the operation of our centers daily functions. Including monitoring restroom breaks, smoke breaks, and lunch time activities. Intern will be asked to assist in community intergretion projects which allows our clients to participate in different activities provided to them by our staff including; trips to zoo, movies, putt-putt, and etc.

Utilize all of the resources listed at the top of this page under How can I find good internships? Who can help?

Psychological & Brain Sciences Resources:

School of Public & Environmental Affairs Resources:

  • The Non-Profit Leadership Alliance program - prepares and certifies future nonprofit professionals. Our National Nonprofit Partners provide internship and placement opportunities.

Social Services Internship/Job Databases:

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