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Network: Consistently talk with people, in a professional manner, about your career interests and goals. Ask them questions. Exchange contact information. Stay in touch.

Why? To discover great classes, co-curricular activities, research opportunities, internship experiences, jobs, graduate programs, and more. Over 80% of internships and jobs are filled without ever having been posted on online - networking is crucial to your career development and career success.

Informal networking: Talk with friends, family members, other students, professors - anyone. Discuss your career interests and goals at school, at work, while volunteering, participating in student groups or community organizations, working out at the gym, and at social gatherings.

Network with professionals: Networking with people who are currently employed in career fields in which you're interested may be the most important networking you can do.

Online professional networking: Necessary, but not sufficient. After you've made a positive impression in face-to-face interactions with a professional, you can stay in touch by joining their online network. Introducing yourself to professionals online is most likely to help you if you follow up with personal contact - an informational interview, job shadowing.

Arts & Sciences Career Services: Networking

Attend events featuring professionals sponsored by:

Participate in Academic and Professional student groups.

  • Craft your profile on LinkedIn and join the Indiana University Bloomington group to access profiles for over 150,000+ alumni.
  • Search online by occupation. Professional associations often provide member directories.
  • Search online by organization. Look for organizations that employ the professionals with whom you would like to speak. Look for an online staff listing or call the organization to ask for names and contact information.
  • Contact graduate programs. If you're seriously considering attending, a reputable graduate program should be willing to connect you with faculty, successful alumni, and current graduate students.

Resumes & Cover Letters: Tools you'll use to get interviews.

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Interviews: You'll need knowledge and practice.

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