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Co-Curricular Activities. Get Involved!

Undergraduate students of all majors must do more than fulfill degree requirements if they want to make the most of their college years and be prepared for a career or graduate school. We encourage psychology and neuroscience majors to participate in student groups, take advantage of volunteer opportunities, and explore professional societies.

Student Groups for Psychology & Neuroscience Majors

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences supports:
  • Psychology Club is open to all IUB students with an interest in psychology. Its mission is to provide students an opportunity to interact socially while enhancing their understanding and appreciation of psychology; to help with graduate school and career preparation; and to offer philanthropic opportunities to members. The club hosted a Kids Psych Day to inform and entertain residents of Middleway House in the photo to the right.
  • Neuroscience Club. The mission of the Club is to support undergraduate students in their exploration of neuroscience - courses, research, and careers.

  • Student Organization for Cognitive Science. The Student Organization for Cognitive Science (SOCS) aims to provide a community for burgeoning Cognitive Science students at Indiana University. We meet weekly for pizza and discussion, in addition to organizing special events, including professor dinners, movie nights, informal Q&A sessions with visiting scholars, and TED parties.

  • Psi Chi Honors Society. The primary purposes of Psi Chi are to augment and enhance the regular curriculum through psychology-related programs and activities, to recognize and encourage academic and research achievements and excellence in psychology, and to become better acquainted with other psychology students, the department, and faculty members. Students are inducted into the IUB Chapter of Psi Chi in the photo to the right.

More student groups of interest to psychology & neuroscience majors:

  • ActiveMinds at Indiana University is working to increase awareness among IU students about issues of mental health, symptoms of mental illness, and resources in and around the IU community.

  • Crimson CORPS (Caring, Open-Minded, Respectful, Peer Support) was created by Indiana University's Counseling and Psychological Services which carefully selects undergraduate student members. The mission of Crimson CORPS is to promote a culture of compassion and action on the IU Bloomington campus and to bring awareness to issues of emotional well-being within the student community.

  • Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters (RAISE) works to educate and train IU students to spread a message of consent and healthy sexual communication. RAISE is primarily a peer-education organization - our presentations are given to students by students. RAISE is affiliated with and trained by Sexual Assault Crisis Service, or SACS, a division of CAPS. RAISE is on Facebook.

  • To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA is on Facebook.
With 500+ student groups on the IU Bloomington campus there are opportunities for everyone. Because psychology and neuroscience majors are diverse each student must explore and find the groups that will uniquely suit them. Are you interested in Volunteers in Sustainability? Occupational Therapy? IUSA? The Human Resources Association? Timmy Foundation? College Mentors for Kids? Arbutus? Circle K? INPIRG? Go for it! Just about any group you join on campus will have at least one other psychology or neuroscience major who is already a member.

Explore student groups at IU:

  • myINvolvement at IU - click the "Organizations" tab and then browse the database by keyword (sustainability, children, health...) or by category (Academic and Professional, Advocacy and Political, Environmental, International & Multicultural, Social, Sport & Recreation, Service & Philanthropy, more...)
  • IU Activities & Organizations.
Additional resources:

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