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Professional Societies of Interest to Psychology and Neuroscience Majors

Why explore professional organizations? To discover and prepare for a career you'll love! Many of our majors will enter careers in psychology, neuroscience, or closely related fields. Most students who major in psychology or neuroscience will go on to careers in business, information technology, marketing, health care, law, education, social work, and other fields.

  • Career research: Professional associations and publications are often the best sources of information about the current state of any field, possible career paths and qualifications - licenses, certifications, and educational requirements.
  • Networking: Use the association's membership directory to locate professionals you can interview to get a first-hand account of an occupation's rewards, requirements, and frustrations. Interviewing professionals is a really great way to find out about the types of internship experiences that are available for undergraduate students - to help you decide whether the career is right for you and to gain experience that will be valued by future employers and/or graduate schools.
  • Join the organization if you'll get to network with other students interested in the field, with professionals, or if it has other attractive benefits.

Most fields, even small ones, have a professional association. Links to over 100 professional societies for careers in psychology, neuroscience, and some closely related fields are provided below. If you don't see an organization below that matches your career interest, then

  • Start by searching the Career Interests Web Link Library.
  • Google: "name of your career of interest" + Association or Organization + American or "state".
  • Ask an academic advisor, career counselor, or professor who teaches a course related to your career interests about professional societies.

100+ Professional Associations for Careers Related to Psychology & Neuroscience

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Educational and School Psychology

Experimental Psychology


Mathematical & Engineering Psychology

Social Psychology

More specialty organizations?

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