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Field Experience Courses

A field experience course combines an internship experience with independent study to allow students to learn more about a career and gain experience that graduate schools and employers desire.

Field experience students may meet in an IU classroom for orientation or for occasional class sessions, but the majority of a student's time will be spent working at the field site and reading literature that will enhance your internship experience.

What you'll do for each course differs quite a bit from one site to another - read the application for each site carefully.

Applying and enrolling for a field experience course:

  • To receive permission to enroll, you'll have to submit an application. Applications are typically sent out via email to all psychology and neuroscience majors. Examples are posted below.
  • Some applications are released around the time that students are registering for classes for the next term. Other applications aren't released until the start of the term because the types and number of openings available at that site cannot be predicted many months in advance.
  • Applications for most sites are evaluated by staff at the site. Some sites also require an interview. Once you've been accepted, then you'll be allowed to register via Onestart - read the applications for complete details.

In the Applied Behavior Analysis Field Experience you'll work with the staff of Crystal's Behavior Solutions to use principles of ABA to help children with autism reach their full potential. You'll assist with administrative duties and you'll receive training on ABA principles, shadow current therapists, and receive individualized training sessions in which you're taught to deliver ABA-based therapy. More...

Field experience students may benefit by:

  • Gaining experience working with children with Autism.
  • Gaining an appreciation for Applied Behavior Analysis as a type of modern behavior therapy.
  • Gaining experience maintaining precise records of client program progress.

Application for Fall 2015: ABA Field Experience - Fall 2015

In the CIP Field Experience you'll work as a social thinking mentor at CIP Bloomington, a comprehensive program that supports young adults with High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences. Social thinking mentors will help CIP clients develop social thinking skills using techniques they learn from assigned readings, observing CIP staff members, and discussion in weekly social mentor meetings. More...

Field experience students may benefit by:

  • Gaining experience working with young adults with High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences.
  • Gaining an appreciation for social thinking and social skills curriculum - these are relevant to working with many clients who have social anxiety or who need to development social skills.

Application for Fall 2015: CIP Field Experience - Fall 2015

In the IU Health Field Experience students work at IU Health Behavioral Health Inpatient Services as part of the adult acute inpatient care team. Your tasks will vary widely and may include scheduling events for patients such as music performances and recovery meetings; updating materials to inform patients about resources in the clinic and in the community that they can access after release. More...

Previous IU Health Field Experience students have benefited by:

  • Being exposed to an inpatient treatment setting and gaining a clearer understanding of various DSM diagnoses and their presentation.
  • Observing intake assessments and counseling sessions in which clients and their family members make plans for after discharge.
  • Interacting with various IU Behavioral Health Services staff members - psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and others - to learn about their careers.

Enrollment for Fall 2015 will be open during the first week of Fall classes. In the meantime, you can read this application to learn more.IU Health Field Experience - Fall 2014

Students in the Meadows Field Experience work at Bloomington Meadows Hospital, which offers acute inpatient treatment for children, adolescents, and adults as well as residential inpatient care for children and adolescents. As a Unit Clerk in the acute unit, field experience students answer unit telephones, prepare charts, and file clinical reports. Students also interact with clients and families as they answer their questions about the hospital in person and by phone. More...

Field experience students who take the initiative may benefit by:

  • Interacting with a variety of Meadows staff members and learning about their career paths.
  • Observing some types of group interventions.
  • Attending continuing education workshops for professional staff on a variety of topics.

Application for Fall 2015: Meadows Field Experience - Fall 2015

In the Milestones Field Experience, students work with therapists at Milestones Clinical & Health Resources. Some students design and implement activities to meet specific therapeutic goals for children whose parents are attending parenting therapy groups. Others directly assist therapists with groups who need to learn social skills and coping strategies. More...

Evidence-based psychotherapeutic programs at Milestones: Incredible Years and Coping Cat - FEAR Plan.

Enrollment for Fall 2015 will be open during the first week of Fall classes. In the meantime, you can read this application to learn more. Milestones Field Experience - Fall 2014

The Volunteers in Medicine Field Experience matches psychology and neuroscience students with opportunities to work at Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County. It is primarily intended for students who want to help people in our community and who're interested in a career in health care field (physician's assistant, nurse, doctor, physical therapy, pharmacy, health information administration) or health psychology. More...

VIM provides quality primary and preventative health care and health education without cost to the medically underserved in Monroe and Owen Counties. See: VIM: Delivering Quality Care to the Underserved

Students who work at VIM get to experience working in a busy health care clinic and may help schedule appointments, direct patients to appropriate services, prepare charts and file medical test results, work in the pharmacy, and enhance their fluency with medical and pharmaceutical terminology.

Application for Fall 2015: VIM Field Experience - Fall 2015

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