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Service Learning Courses

Service-learning courses are like most college classes in that your class will meet for about the same amount of time each week and you'll have similar readings, assignments, and exams.

In addition to the typical classroom experience, you'll spend 2-3 hours per week using knowledge and skills acquired in your class to meet genuine community needs.

Service-learning courses taught by PBS instructors:

  • Psychology of Adolescent Girls, taught by Dr. Linda Hoke-Sinex, looks at psychological changes that occur in girls as they progress through adolescence. Undergraduates in this course get first-hand accounts of adolescent development during visits to local middle schools at which they discuss a weekly topic with middle school girls. See: Service-Learning that Guides Local Girls Through Adolescence.
  • Real World Program Evaluation: Service Learning at Middle Way or the Rise is taught by Dr. Amy Holtzworth-Monroe. Enrolled students volunteer at either Middleway (a battered women’s shelter and a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center) or the Rise (run by Middleway to provide transitional housing and programs for battered women and their children, including childcare and tutoring). More...
    Class time and readings are devoted to learning about program evaluation and applying these ideas to the program in which you are volunteering. For example the class will consider the needs of the groups served by Middleway/Rise and the available programs and interventions for those groups. As a group project, you will consider how you could design, implement, and/or evaluate a program at your agency.

The Service-Learning Program lists service-learning courses taught in many departments.

To see the service-learning courses offered each semester, go to Office of the Registrar - Special Course Listings, click on Other Special Course Offerings and then on Service Learning Courses. Service-learning courses offered by PBS instructors are listed under PSY-P.