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Topics in Psychology Courses

Topics in Psychology (P457) addresses special topics not ordinarily covered in other departmental courses and often provide students with cutting-edge insights and experiences.

The titles and descriptions of Topics courses aren't in the College of Arts & Sciences Bulletin because the course content varies with instructor and semester.

Look for descriptions and prerequisites of sections of Topics (P457) offered each term in the Schedule of Classes (for example: Fall 2013 - Topics in Psychology) or in the Student Center on Onestart.

Topics courses can fulfill important degree requirements. Go to the Register for Classes page and look for the "PBS Registration" document under "Step 2. Choose Courses" - it shows the degree requirements each section of P457 fulfills.

Titles of recent Topics in Psychology courses include:

  • Behavioral Disinhibition and Substance Abuse
  • Cognitive Psychology of Pop Media
  • Developmental Interventions in Infancy and Early Childhood - Service Learning
  • Field Experiences - Centerstone, IU Health, Milestones, Meadows, Volunteers in Medicine more...
  • Human Infancy
  • Lab in Lipid Signaling
  • Lab in Research Methods in Neuroscience
  • Psychological Interventions & Evaluation
  • Real World Program Evaluation - Service Learning
  • Relationship Science
  • Social Psychology Interventions
  • Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • The Connected Brain
  • The Science of Morality

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