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Experiential Learning Opportunities in PBS

Experiential learning starts with acquiring new ideas from readings or group discussions just like in a typical classroom. In experiential learning, you'll then get a chance to apply what you've learned in a real-world setting and reflect on how your experience deepens your understanding.

Research Assistantship

About 300 undergraduates take advantage of the opportunity to conduct research with PBS faculty members each year.

You'll benefit from a personal mentoring relationship with a faculty member and interaction with other highly motivated psychology and neuroscience majors and graduate students.

Learn more about PBS Research Opportunities.

Tutor Psychology & Brain Sciences Courses

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has a volunteer tutoring program provided as a resource for students enrolled in PBS courses. If you're looking for an opportunity to get involved and boost your resume, this is it! Tutoring experience looks great on a CV, especially in terms of garnering teaching experience for graduate school. The best part? It only requires 2-4 hours/week.

For a full description of the tutoring program, the qualifications, the expectations, and the benefits of becoming a tutor - and to apply to become a tutor - click here.

If you were a participant in the program last semester and would like to reapply to the program, please complete the abbreviated application for the purposes of updating your information in our tutor database.

If you have any questions about the tutoring program, email

Teaching Internship

Are you interested in learning what goes on "behind the scenes" as professors plan courses and develop tests and assignments?

As an Undergraduate Teaching Intern you'll assist in an undergraduate course. You'll also attend a weekly discussion of good teaching practices and complete a project related to the aims of the course in which you are assisting.

Questions? Talk to your academic advisor or email Irene Vlachos-Weber. If interested, you will apply online.

Service-Learning & Field Experience Courses

PBS service-learning courses are like most college classes in that you'll meet in a classroom for about the same amount of time each week and you'll have assignments and exams. In addition to the typical classroom experience, you'll spend 2-3 hours per week using knowledge and skills acquired in your class to meet genuine community needs.

PBS field experience courses combine an internship experience in our community with independent study. Field experience students may meet in an IU classroom for orientation or for occasional class sessions, but the majority of a student's time will be spent working at the field site and reading literature to enhance your internship experience.

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