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The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers degrees in Psychology or Neuroscience.

Psychology addresses behavior, thought, and intelligence. It includes the study of the brain, learning and development in children (and animals), and social interactions and group behavior. Because psychology spans the natural and social sciences, it provides an excellent domain in which to learn skills in analytic reasoning, problem solving, statistics, and dealing with people.

The psychology major gives all students a solid grounding in research and writing along with personal mentoring through research opportunities in faculty laboratories.

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The Neuroscience degree is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate training in neuroscience, attending medical school, or obtaining a research-related position in biotechnology, the life sciences, or the pharmaceutical industry.

The Neuroscience program provides a tremendous depth of understanding of the field, from cellular and molecular bases of nervous system function to a systems-level approach to the study of brain-behavior relationships.

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The undergraduate programs in psychology or neuroscience at Indiana University do not require an application to be admitted. The only requirements are being admitted to the university and being certified by the College of Arts and Sciences, which happens for most students at the end of their first year.

Most first year students at IU enroll in and receive academic advising from the University Division or the Hutton Honors College.

If you are an incoming freshman or prospective student and have an excellent high school record, you may be contacted by the College of Arts & Sciences and offered Direct Admission. Qualifying as a direct admit into the College allows you to have a more focused start on your academic career and it is an honor that you can list on your resume and professional portfolio.

For general admission to Indiana University Bloomington, please see IUB Admissions.

If you're interested in our Graduate Program in Psychology, see Graduate Admissions.

If you take the introductory course for the major, find it interesting, and earn a good grade, then you're likely to enjoy and do well in upper-level classes.

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What do our majors do in addition to taking classes? Your learning and personal development as a psychology or neuroscience major should extend beyond the classroom. Explore this site to learn about co-curricular activities (student groups, volunteering), experiential learning (service-learning, internships, and overseas study), research opportunities, career development and graduate school planning.

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The IU Office of Scholarships website provides information about prestigious university scholarships for all incoming freshmen. Of special interest to potential psychology or neuroscience majors:

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