Where can I find a list of purchase orders for my organization for the last week/month/quarter/year?

Purchase Order Summary

The Purchase Order Summary report provides basic information about purchase orders. It does not provide line-item details or account information, but most questions about purchase orders can be answered using this report.

If you have any questions please contact the support center at 317-274-4357 option 2 (IUPUI) or 812-855-6789 option 4. The support desks are open weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Below is an image of the searchable items on this report.


Searchable items on the Requisition Summary Report


When "Wildcards Allowed" is displayed, asterisks (*) can be used to replace unknown values. For example, a search for *Dell* in the Vendor Name field will return a list of purchase orders where the vendor name has the word "Dell" in it. With the asterisks omitted, the report will look for vendors whose name exactly matches "Dell".

To find purchase orders for a particular organization, enter the organization code in the Organization field. Multiple organizations can be entered if they are separated by commas.

To retrieve purchase orders for a specific date range, enter a date range in the format "mm/dd/yyyy .. mm/dd/yyyy" in the Approval Date filed.

An example is shown below.


example 1


After entering the search criteria, select the columns you wish to appear in the report. Below is a partial list of the columns available. View the report for a complete list.


Image of columns that can be included on the report.


Return all of the columns by clicking on the "All Columns" radio button, or choose which columns you would like to appear by selecting individual check boxes.

After selecting the columns you would like to appear in the report, choose the Output Format, Output Destination, Maximum Number of Rows to Return, and other options.


Options on the report


There are two options for Output Format: HTML and MS Excel. If HTML is selected then the results will appear in a window on your screen. If Excel is selected then the results will appear in a spreadsheet.

The Output Destination section determines where the results will appear. Select "Wait for Output" if you would like the report to appear in your browser (do not close your browser or change the URL until the report is complete). Select "Send Output to Completed Reports" to receive an e-mail when the report is complete (with this option, it is okay to close the browser or change the URL). Select "Send Output to a Printer" to send the report to a printer (this option requires a BARR printer). See Knowledge Base article http://kb.iu.edu/data/agsk.html for more information about this feature.

In the Maximum Number of Rows to Return section, choose "No Limit" to avoid incomplete results.

When all selections have been made, click the Run button.