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How do I search for valid values in the account string, such as account number or object code?

Next to each attribute of the account string is a magnifying glass. Selecting this link will transfer you to a page where lookups can be performed. If the magnifying glass was selected next to the account then the account lookup will be performed, if selected next to the object code then the object code lookup will be performed, etc. Use the * wildcard as a substitute for a string of unknown characters in any search field.

How do I process a requisition using a Foundation account?

The requisition must be processed with an IU account number. Funds will have to be transferred from the Foundation account into the IU account.

Why does this requisition say that my account number is invalid, when I know that it is valid?

You may have typed the number incorrectly. To verify the chart and account: Clear all the accounting fields, click the magnifying glass to the right of the Acct field, enter your Account Number in the associated search field and click search. When the search returns your account, click “Return Value”. The valid chart and acct number will automatically appear on the requisition.

I just received a past due notice from a vendor.

Contact Accounts Payable 812-855-4004.

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How do I buy advertising?

Follow these steps:

  1. Before a requisition is processed contact the advertiser to determine pricing. The advertiser will provide a rate card (pricing), a terms document (examples of terms are how the advertising copy must be submitted, the deadlines, proofing requirements), an insertion order (a form that describes how the advertisement needs to be submitted) and possibly a quote.
  2. Next prepare the advertising copy (the terms will describe how the copy must be prepared).
  3. Prepare and route the requisition.
  4. Forward the rate card, the terms, insertion order, quote (if submitted by advertiser) and the advertising copy (if ready for submission) to the Purchasing Department, Attn: Debbie Richards. If the advertising copy is not ready at this time it can be forwarded to purchasing at a later date.
  5. A purchase order will be processed after the requisition has been fully approved and the items listed in #4 above are received. The Purchasing Department will sign the insertion order and forward all materials to the advertiser.


I have to cater an event and/or organize a conference, what do I do?

Due to budgetary, legal, and health issues, a three-step procedure must be followed:

  1. Review allowable Hospitality Expenses and obtain a Hospitality Request Form.
  2. If a contract is involved, forward it to Deb Richards in Purchasing.
  3. Obtain Environment Health & Safety approval for on-campus catering if the public is invited.

Data Security

How do I destroy documents or data?

Indiana University has contracts with several approved document destruction vendors. You may work with these vendors directly.

What is the process for disposing of old computer hard drives

Per Indiana University Policy 14.1, departments are individually responsible for insuring that no sensitive or confidential data can be recovered from their computers. After properly wiping the hard drive, contact the IUB Surplus Store. The Surplus Store will take additional steps to wipe the hard drive to Department of Defense standards. The Surplus Store may resell computers that have been successfully wiped. All other computers will be shredded and will receive a certificate of destruction. View additional hard-drive destruction details.

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Where do I find the template (eDoc) for consultant service agreements?

All eDoc contract templates are available within the Resources tab.

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How do I buy carpet for my office?

Contact Pam Copenhaver at 317-274-5343 or email plpierce@iu.edu

How do I buy furniture for my office?

Click here for a listing of unrestricted furniture items available to order.  Instructions for ordering are on the list. Many items can be ordered thru Guy Brown ”Shop Catalogs”.  Other items (like chairs) will require a purchase requisition to proceed with order placement. 

For all furniture items not listed on the attached please refer to the step-by-step process for ordering office furniture for further instructions.  The Purchasing Department and the University Architect's office are both available to assist with your office furniture needs.

How do I buy a marker board or corkboard?

The Purchasing Department and the University Architect's office are both available to assist with your office furniture needs. View the step-by-step process for ordering.

How do I test a chair before I buy it for my office or conference room?

Please see: Chair Demonstrations

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How do I sign up for the Purchasing Newsletter?

Visit the Contact page of the Procurement Services website, and click the “Listserv Sign Up” link for your campus. An email message will be automatically generated; send this message to complete your subscription request.

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Moving & Relocation

How do I make arrangements for relocating a newly hired faculty or staff member to Bloomington?

Complete the Moving Request for Contractors form. Quotes from four moving companies with whom IU has pricing agreements will be sent to the individual who is relocating. Once a vendor has been selected, submit all quotes and a requisition to Purchasing.

If you have additional questions about relocations or moving:

Additional Information:

Community Information:

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How are payments made if an invoice does not exist?

Contact your Purchasing department for help.

How do I indicate that a payment should not be paid?

Search for the Payment Request (PREQ) using the “Search for Documents” page in KFS. Open the PREQ, click the “Hold” button, and add an explanation to the notes tab for that order. When the issues have been resolved, remove the hold by returning to the PREQ and clicking the “Remove Hold"” button..

How are purchase orders paid to foreign vendors using non-US currency?

A note should be added to the requisition indicating that payments must be paid via Wire Transfer. This note should be added during requisition processing, prior to any purchase order being issued.

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How do I print KFS documents?

The browser's print function can be used to print KFS screen shots. Report objects have also been created in IUIE to print both purchase orders and payment requests. These report objects are titled Print Purchase Orders and PREQ Printout.

Who can print an order with a status of “Pending Print”?

If the order is an Automatic Purchase Order (APO) then the initiator of the requisition or any purchasing staff member can print the document. If the order is not an APO the document must be printed by a purchasing staff member. Contact the individual listed in the Contract Manager field of the Purchase Order of their associated support staff for assistance.

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Requisitions & Purchase Orders

I need to cancel a requisition...

If the requisition status is “In Process” then the document can be canceled. If the requisition status is “Awaiting. Approval” then the approver can disapprove the document. If the requisition status is “Closed” then a Purchase Order has already been generated. Contact the purchasing department to void the PO..

Who can retransmit a KFS purchase order?

If the status of a purchase order is “open”, it is not a “Shop Catalogs” (B2B) order (created using the “Shop Catalogs” link in KFS) and the PO has been previously printed or faxed to the vendor; then the order can be retransmitted. If the order is an APO (Automatic Purchase Order), then the initiator of the requisition and all purchasing staff members will see the “retransmit” button. If the order was not an APO then only purchasing staff will see the “retransmit” button. If you do not see the “retransmit” button, contact the individual listed in the Contract Manager field of the Purchase Order or their associated support staff for assistance.

Prior to retransmission, the “PO Transmission Method” needs to be selected. The options are “Fax” and “Print”. If “Fax” is selected then the “Vendor Fax Number” also needs to be entered.. Usually the number is already populated, but if not, enter the fax number using the XXX-XXX-XXXX format..

The “PO Header” drop down defaults to “RETRANSMISSION OF PURCHASE ORDER”, but “PURCHASE ORDER” can be selected instead. This is the title that will appear on the transmission. It may be important to use the “RETRANSMISSION OF PURCHASE ORDER” header to prevent the vendor from duplicating the order. Finally, the line items to appear on the order need to be confirmed. The “select all” button will include all line items, or specific line items can be selected individually.

If “Fax” is selected the retransmitted PO will automatically fax to the vendor. If “Print” is selected a PDF will open in the browser, allowing the document to be printed and mailed. Alternatively, save the PDF to your local drive and provide an electronic copy to the vendor.

What does "Unapproved" next to the PO number mean?

This indicates that the order has not been transmitted to the vendor. “Unapproved” is prominently displayed so that anyone viewing the order knows that the PO number should not be given to the vendor. If the status is “Pending Print,” then you can use the “transmit” button found at the bottom of the screen to print the Purchase Order. (The “PO Status” is located directly beneath the PO number in the upper right-hand corner of the window.) If the transmit button does not appear, contact the individual listed in the Contract Manager field, or their associated support staff, for assistance.

How do I close a PO and disencumber any remaining funds?

If final payment has already been made, you should see a Close Order button at the bottom of the Purchase Order (locate the Purchase Order by clicking Search for Documents in KFS and selecting the Purchase Order tab). Click the button to close the order.

If no payment has been made, the Purchase Order cannot be closed. Contact the individual listed as the “Contract Manager” or the “Initiator” on the PO to request the order be voided. For APOs, contact any member of purchasing staff.

Who should I contact for help with my order?

It a purchase order has already been generated, click “Search for Documents” in KFS and locate the PO. For help with this PO, contact the staff members listed in the “Contract Manager” or “Initiator” fields.

If this is an Automatic Purchase Order (APO), or if a requisition has not yet been processed, use the buying page on the Procurement Services website to determine the best contact for the commodity in question.

If a good contact cannot be determined, email your question to purhelp@indiana.edu.

Can a PO type vendor be used on a DV?

Yes, however the DV will route to purchasing for approval.

I have not received the goods or services that I requisitioned; how can I troubleshoot?

  1. Locate the requisition in KFS using the “Search for Documents” page. If the status is anything other than “Closed”, a purchase order has not yet been generated (see requisition status above).
  2. If the status of the requisition is “closed”, open the requisition and select the “Purchase Order” tab, if the status of the PO is not “open” or “closed”, the vendor has not received the PO (see PO status above).
  3. If the status of the PO is “open” or “closed”, contact the assigned contract manager for assistance.

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Is it necessary to add freight or shipping to the requisition?

No, these are optional fields.

How do I identify who is responsible for a
shipment during transit?

The Shipping Title identifies ownership during shipment.

Customs, International Port Vendor
Responsible from factory to international port; IU responsible from international port to IU.
Customs, US Port
Vendor responsible from factory to US port; IU responsible from US port to IU.
Vendor retains ownership until shipment reaches destination.
Origin (Vendor location)
IU takes ownership at vendor location.
Shipping Point
IU takes ownership from shipping point.

How do I determine who pays freight on a shipment?

Shipping Payment Terms identifies who pays for shipment.

IU Pays, Part of PO (Prepaid and Add)
Shipping charges are paid by vendor and added to invoice for IU to pay against PO.
IU Pays, Separate Bill (Collect)
Shipping charges paid by IU to shipper at time of delivery.
Paid by 3rd Party
Shipping charges paid by a 3rd party.
Vendor Pays (Allowed)
Shipping charges paid by vendor.

Does IU have an agreement with a shipping company for reduced shipping rates?

Yes. IU enjoys contract pricing through an agreement with E&I Cooperative consortium.

FedEx Resources:

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Signing Authority

I have a contract for an event - who should sign the contract?

Someone from the Purchasing Department. Please direct all event-related contract questions to Deb Richards at 574-520-4580 or drichard@iusb.edu.

Who has the authority to sign documents committing IU funds to outside vendors?

All documents should be forwarded to purchasing, referencing the corresponding requisition for the payment. It is also helpful to indicate in KFS notes that a supporting document is being forwarded to purchasing (indicate person, if known) via fax, campus mail or email (your choice). This helps expedite the execution of both the contract and the purchase order.

For further information please see Signature Authority and Delegation.

What can a department sign?

Once a contract is in place with a vendor committing funds for product or services, the department may sign off on art proofs for advertising or promotional materials, acknowledgements of orders placed (be sure to reference your purchase order and compare), or change orders that do not affect the pricing or terms for the product or service. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact Purchasing for clarification.

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Signs & Banners

I want to buy a large banner or sign to display on University property - what do I need to do?

Due to potential safety and structural integrity issues, banners or signs must receive prior written approval from the University Architect's Office. However, the acquisition of all banners still occurs through the Purchasing Department. See our banner guidelines and procedures for more information.

Also see: Sign Catalog (PDF) - IU Bloomington Sign Shop

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Vendor Related

I was unable to find the vendor while processing a requisition document, what should I do?

Manually enter as much information about the vendor as possible such as name and address. The requisition will route to purchasing after it has been approved at the account level. If purchasing determines that the vendor is the best provider for the requested goods or services, they will obtain the documentation from the vendor and add them to the vendor system.

I found the vendor but am unable to return the vendor to the requisition document, why?

The vendor may be a DV (disbursement voucher) type vendor or the vendor may be inactive. If the vendor is a DV type vendor contact your purchasing department for help.

I need to mail my APO to the vendor, how do I accomplish this?

If the order is an APO then the initiator of the requisition or any purchasing staff member can print the document. If the order is not an APO the document must be printed by a purchasing staff member. Contact the individual listed in the Contract Manager field of the Purchase Order for assistance.

How do I share additional information about the requisition that the vendor would need to know?

The vendor tab on the requisition has a field titled “Notes to Vendor”. Additional information about the order can be included here. This field is not available on requisitions that have been created through “Shop Catalogs” (B2B). “Shop Catalogs” orders are typically automated and processed quickly. If an order requires any special instructions, you may wish to contact purchasing staff or IU’s vendor representative for assistance..

A vendor is requesting a sales certificate.

Contact Vanessa Laird at 812-856-1767 or vlaird@iu.edu.

How can I learn more about establishing and maintaining KFS Vendors?

Read the KFS Vendor Entry Guide or view our online Vendor Maintenance Tutorial.

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