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Indiana University Purchasing Newsletter

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April 2011
Volume 7, Issue 2

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Meet Purchasing Bob

IU Purchasing is proud to present our newest employee… Purchasing Bob!

Bob is the star of a new series of monthly webisodes, sent direct to your inbox. His procurement related exploits will inform you on the latest Purchasing news and tips, while hopefully providing at least a little entertainment.

The first episode of the series, “A Noteworthy Tip”, is available below. Along with a bonus introduction to the series from Bob himself. Enjoy!


Join “Purchasing Bob” on his inaugural voyage.

Purchasing Bob Introduction Video
Running Time: 2 min

A Noteworthy Tip

Bob learns about a ‘quarky’ problem with an EPIC note.

Purchasing Bob EPIC note Video
Running Time: 2 min 45 sec


Purchasing-L is now Purhelp is the new one-stop email address for all your purchasing questions. It’s the same outstanding service and timely support you’ve come to expect from Purchasing’s email help desk, with a simpler name!

The email address Purchasing-l will remain active for the convenience of accustomed users, but please avoid sending duplicate messages. Both addresses feed to the same regularly monitored inbox.

If you’ve never used the help desk before, we encourage you to give a try with your next purchasing question!


New Director of Purchasing Administration

The Purchasing Department is pleased to introduce Sara Hammond as the new Indiana University Director of Purchasing Administration.

Sara began her career at IU in 1996, as a purchasing agent for the Indiana University and Riley Hospitals. In 2000, she moved to the IUPUI campus, where she has excelled as a Contract Manager in the Scientific Commodity for more than ten years. She holds lifetime CPM certification, and brings a wealth of purchasing experience to this leadership role.

Sara was also an active contributor in the development of Indiana University’s “Shop Contracts” (B2B) site, and will look to further improve on the breadth and value of IU’s B2B contracts in her new position. She will be transitioning to the Bloomington campus over the coming months, where she will begin managing IU’s Professional Service contracts.

“Sara’s extensive experience at Indiana University and leadership skills will be a strong asset to the Office of Procurement Services,” says Jill Schunk, Associate Vice President of Procurement Services, “I am very excited that Sara has accepted this new opportunity and will continue to provide outstanding service to Indiana University.”


End of Fiscal Year Reminders

The 2010-2011 Fiscal Year will draw to a close on June 30, 2011. In preparation, IU Purchasing asks that you remain aware of the following year-end activities. If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to a purchasing staff member or to

FY11 Requisition Deadlines

In order for requisitions to be processed in this fiscal year, they must be received by Purchasing no later than June 1, 2011. This date is a week earlier than previous year end deadlines, accommodating recent staff transitions and increased demand. Please submit all requisitions a few days prior to this deadline, allowing ample time for the routing process.

Remember that complex requisitions may require special processing or additional approvals to comply with institutional policies. Such requisitions should be forwarded to Purchasing well in advance of the June 1 deadline.

FY12 Requisitions

EPIC users are now able to request that new orders be placed as Fiscal Year 2012 encumbrances, by selecting 2012 under the “Doc Info” section of the requisition document.

If the 2012 option is selected, the requisition will route to Purchasing for processing. It will be assigned to a contract manager who will begin preliminary work on the order as needed. A Purchase Order will not be sent to the vendor until a few days before June 30, prompting the items or services to be delivered and billed in Fiscal Year 2012. Transactions will be billed against the Fiscal Year in which they are delivered.

NOTE: This option is not available for “Shop Contracts” orders, as many of those vendors provide immediate shipping.

Recurring Orders

Check your recurring orders to ensure they are properly funded for the remainder of this fiscal year, and carry any expiring orders into next year as needed. Run the Recurring Orders By Username or the Recurring Orders IUIE Report to identify recurring orders set to expire at the end of this fiscal year.

If a Purchase Order does not include enough funds to pay the remaining invoices received this year, contact the assigned contract manager and request that the PO be amended.

If the Purchase Order is set to expire and must be renewed for next year, you can create a new requisition now. Just be sure to select Fiscal Year 2012 in the “Doc Info” section. You can use the “Copy-to-New” feature in EPIC to duplicate the 2011 requisition, but you must verify that the vendor’s address or pertinent info has not changed over the previous year. If it has, be sure to update the vendor section on the requisition with the new data.


Tax-Free Book Purchases

Last month, Barnes& discontinued its “Shop Contracts” (B2B) site for all institutions of higher education. They have lowered the prices on their public site to match the value previously provided only through contracts, and are no longer recognized as a contracted IU vendor.

IU departments are still welcome to use their P-Cards to make purchases from their public site or from other online book vendors, and those purchases are often still entitled to sales tax-exemption. To complete tax-exempt orders on Barnes&, each account holder must complete the following procedure:

  1. Proceed through the Barnes& ordering process, and enter IU’s tax exempt number (0003123294) on the shipping page.
  2. Print a copy of IU’s General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. This certificate can always be found on the Department Resources tab in EPIC.
  3. Fax the certificate to Barnes& at 201-559-3883 within 72 hours of submitting the order.

The order will be released, without sales tax, when the certificate is received by Barnes&

The certificate is stored in the user’s account profile, so every IU account-holder will need to complete the above procedure once. After the certificate is on file for your account, simply provide the same tax-exempt number on the shipping page of every order. Full details are provided on the Barnes& help site.

Departments are encouraged to shop for books with merchants that provide the greatest value, but please be aware that the procedure above will differ for other online book vendors.


New Plumbing and Electrical Suppliers
coming to “Shop Contracts”

By Phil Cole

Indiana University has recently entered into a partnership with Kirby Risk, making them our preferred supplier of miscellaneous electrical supplies for the next 3 years. The Purchasing Department is currently working with Kirby Risk to establish the availability of online ordering through our “Shop Contracts” (B2B) page in EPIC, and we anticipate this feature will “go live” within a few weeks. In the meantime, Kirby Risk orders can be placed using the standard requisition process.

Additionally, IUB’s current plumbing supply provider, South Central, will soon be available to all campuses via the “Shop Contracts” (B2B) page in EPIC.


Capital Asset Management- Equipment Loan

When faculty or staff borrows capital equipment from Indiana University (off premise) for more than thirty days, an Equipment Loan document is required. The Equipment Loan document can be completed via an e-doc found within the CAMS module of the Financial Information System (FIS).

Organizations must know the location of all their equipment, capital or non-capital. Be sure to check with your organization’s inventory representative before removing any equipment from the university. He or she will ensure the correct document(s) are issued, and that the asset information is updated in accordance with university policy.

For detailed information on capital loans, see the Equipment Loan/Return (off premise) Standard Operating Procedure.

Please contact your campus Capital Asset Office with any remaining questions:

BloomingtonJuanita Matlock(812) 855-9298
EastGail Smoker(765) 973-8254
IndianapolisBobbie Sewell(317) 274-5010
KokomoDave Hawkins(765) 455-9273
NorthwestKevin Richwalski(219) 980-6713
South BendSusie Bendy(574) 520-4314
SoutheastMelissa Hill(812) 941-2359

Office of Procurement Services

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