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Indiana University Purchasing Newsletter

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February 2012
Volume 8, Issue 1

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The State of the Bob

Purchasing Bob delivers his first annual “State of the Bob” Address, highlighting key Purchasing changes from the year that was and sharing his exciting plans for the remainder of 2012.

After the video, please take a moment to evaluate our training efforts with a short survey. Your feedback will influence the direction of our training initiatives and help guide future episodes of Purchasing Bob. You’ll even have a chance to “Ask Bob” your questions, to be answered in a viewer mail segment this spring!

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2012 – The Year of Kuali

At the end of this year, KFS will replace EPIC as the online platform for all purchasing functions. In addition to the institutional benefits afforded by this open-source solution, the new system will improve the overall purchasing experience with a suite of enhanced functionality, including: the ability to attach electronic documents directly to a requisition, an import account lines function, and more routing options for system notes and PO amendments.

While KFS utilizes many of the same fields and functions users know from EPIC, there will be slight changes to the interface in addition to the new functionality described above. To ensure all our users are prepared to succeed in the new system, we have been working in conjunction with the FMS training team to establish a comprehensive training plan, including:

  • Large-scale, FMS/Purchasing joint sessions: These sessions, scheduled to occur at multiple campuses throughout the year, will provide a high-level overview of the key differences between FIS/EPIC and Kuali Financial System. These sessions intend to bridge the training gap for busy users who are already familiar with IU’s business rules and document conventions.
  • Online Training: In addition to online help files embedded within the KFS application, users will have access to a full library of electronic training resources, including quick guides and tutorials, well in advance of the December implementation.
  • Full Training: We will be hosting our last Basic and Advanced EPIC classes this summer. Beginning in the early autumn, these classes will be updated to provide the same comprehensive view of Purchasing policies and procedures along with step-by-step KFS instructions. Multiple monthly sessions will be scheduled throughout the implementation process. All interested users are encouraged to attend.

Scheduling details and additional training developments will be provided to this Listserv and posted on the Procurement Services website as the year continues.


You Shouldn’t Have - IU’s Policy on Purchasing Gifts

As a reminder, Administration Policy I-590 forbids the purchase of gifts on an IU account, regardless of the circumstances. The IU Foundation may be able to fund certain retirement gifts to employees, or gifts to non-employees that contribute to the academic mission of the university, but university accounts cannot. Further, a gift cannot be purchased in EPIC or with a P-Card, even if the purchase will be reimbursed by a Foundation account. Instead, allowable gifts must be purchased directly with Foundation account funds, or purchased by an individual and reimbursed by the Foundation.

Take a moment to read Policy I-590 (DOCX) for additional information, including detailed restrictions on the value and nature of gifts that can be purchased through the IU Foundation.


Contracts Protect Data - and IU

53 percent of Americans say they would take legal action against an organization that lost their personal information. This willingness is evidenced by more than 5 billion dollars in class-action lawsuits levied against the Department of Defense and Stanford Hospital following data breaches at those organizations. Such claims have been largely unsuccessful in the past, but recent court rulings have paved the way for consumers to win these settlements in the future.

IU Purchasing is prepared for this potential danger. We require any vendor who may have access to sensitive data while working with IU to sign a contract, including a Data Security Addendum. The contract language, developed in conjunction with University Counsel, ensures that adequate measures are taken to secure the data of our community members - and that IU’s legal interests are fully protected.

Carefully constructed contracts secure and advance the mission of Indiana University. If you are doing business with a vendor who may be storing or accessing sensitive data and you are unsure if that vendor has a signed agreement in place, please contact the appropriate Purchasing Contract Manager as soon as possible.


Find the Best Purchasing Contact, Every Time

2011 was a transformative year for our Indiana University Purchasing staff. A number of late summer retirements prompted a reorganization of our department’s resources, including a few new hires. This afforded an opportunity to tweak our commodity groupings for greater simplicity and efficiency. The majority of our contract managers have maintained their responsibilities from previous years, but a few members of our staff have been reallocated as a result of this progress.

With these changes now in place, we strongly encourage the IU community to continue using the Buying page of our website as your first stop for Purchasing contact information. Simply click the name of the commodity in question, then call or email the individual listed for your campus.

The same information is provided on the Purchasing Contact Spreadsheet (XLS), available via a link on the Buying page. We strongly recommend bookmarking a link to this file rather than saving the current version to your computer. This will ensure the contact details you find in the document are always up to date with the latest changes.

Our staff is eager to hear from you!


New Year, New Look at IUPUI

After 24 years in the Union Building, and several months of packing and moving, our IUPUI Purchasing staff is settling into a new home.

The Servaas Building, located at 1000 Waterway Blvd., now accommodates our entire IUPUI based team, including IU’s Office of Supplier Diversity. The location also provides spacious on-site meeting rooms to facilitate training, department discussions, business diversity events and vendor negotiations.

Servass Building, IUPUI

Servass Suite 101 is an ideal space for Purchasing, and our crew looks forward to serving the IU community from this site for many years to come.


APOs and Restrictions

Did you know that Automatic Purchase Orders are created without direct Purchasing assistance? In such cases, a Purchase Order is generated the moment the last account level reviewer approves the Requisition. If the PO transmission method is set to fax, or if “Shop Contracts” was used to initiate the order, the PO can arrive in the vendor’s hands in less than fifteen minutes.

In general, these Automatic Purchase Orders (APOs) are issued whenever the request totals less than $1,000, or less than a higher threshold for certain contracted vendors. However, these totals are inconsequential if the vendor is restricted, or if the Restricted box has been selected for any items listed on the Requisition. In such cases, the Requisition will always route to Purchasing for further research.

So, why should an item be marked as restricted?

The full list of APO restrictions can be found on our website, or by clicking the question mark icon near the Restricted box in EPIC. But in general, restrictions apply to any item that poses a risk to the university or its policies, that impacts multiple departments, or that requires a lease, contract, or other purchasing agreement. If you think any of these descriptions may apply to your request, be safe and mark the item as restricted. Purchasing staff will see the request and take all necessary steps before issuing a PO.


Office of Procurement Services

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