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July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 4

Purchasing Staff Updates

Jason Dunn, currently the Purchasing Contract Manager for Scientific Supplies will assume the Purchasing Contract Manager Role for the newly developed Technology Services Area. Jason will focus on professional services related to the technology area including such areas as cloud computing, web or online development and online subscription services. Jason assumed his new responsibilities effective July 1, 2013.

Erin May, recently a Contract Associate for Professional Services will join the scientific team as the Purchasing Contract Manager for Scientific Supplies. Prior to her Contract Associate position Erin worked as a Purchasing Assistant in Scientific Supplies. Her promotion is effective July 1. Congratulations Erin!

Kathi Sipes joins the Purchasing Department as the newest member of the Professional Services Team. She assumes the role of Contract Associate on the Bloomington Campus. Kathi comes to us with an extensive background in the legal field and has worked as a paralegal prior to her employment at Indiana University. She will be assuming this role under the direction of Linda Blair. Welcome Kathi!



Basic KFS Purchasing training classes are being scheduled for the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses; to register for these classes please visit our Training webpage. Periodic training sessions for the regional campuses are being scheduled as needed.

In addition to the hands-on training classes, the Training webpage has several training aides for the beginner or as a refresher for a seasoned KFS purchaser.


Dell’s Shop Catalog Redesigned

An announcement from The Dell Premier Team

Newly designed navigation on our Dell and Premier sites

We are pleased to inform you about our newly designed site navigation. The change optimizes your page for mobile devices while retaining the menu items that you are familiar with.

Just click one time, to move from level to level!

Main changes:

  • The most popular menu items like “E-Quotes”, “Standard Configurations” and “My List” are now more easily accessible under the “Shop” Menu.
  • The useful items previously under “Quick Links” have been moved up under the “My Premier” Menu.
  • The Search box and Cart have been enlarged and placed more prominently for your convenience.

KFS Purchasing Process Updates

Submission of Invoices to Accounts Payable

When a department submits a requisition for PO approval for a confirming order or where an invoice is already in hand, Purchasing will no longer forward the invoice to Accounts Payable. After the PO is approved, Purchasing will send a note to the department contact asking them to add the PO number and their name to the invoice and then submit it directly to Accounts Payable at invoice@indiana.edu. Do not attach invoices to the REQ unless it must be sent as checks enclosed! This change in process is being implemented to assure appropriate internal controls and to assure that we’re reducing the opportunity for invoices to fall through the cracks by reducing the amount of times an invoice is transferred from person to person.

PO Amendments with Encumbrance or Account Changes

Purchasing requires that any encumbrance and/or account changes have fiscal officer, or delegate approval prior to completing the amendment. Please have the fiscal officer or delegate add a note to the PO to request changes and send a Notification to the purchasing contact listed on the purchase order.

The Purchasing Website lists Contract Manager by Commodity.


KFS Functionality Tips And Tricks

Searching For Current Versions Of POs

KFS creates a new document number for every document that is initiated. Therefore, each time a PO is revised, transmitted, closed, etc. a new document Id is created. Some PO’s will end up with many versions.

Below is an example of a PO that has had two amendments – note the PO number remains the same but each version has a unique document ID:

Current PO Version 1

There are a few ways to search for the ‘current’ version of a PO:

  • Search by the PO number, leaving the default box for ‘Return Current Documents Only’ marked as ‘Both’; then open the latest version (that is not a “Retired Version”);
  • Search by the PO number, checking the ‘Yes’ box for ‘Return Current Documents Only’ on the Search Screen:
Current PO Version 2
  • Search by a Document Number from any version of the PO. Open the View Related Documents tab, click on the current Document number. Retired Versions of the PO will display a Warning in the upper left corner and the PO Doc Status will be ‘retired version’:
Current PO Version 3
Creating New PO Vendors in KFS

When setting up a new PO vendor in KFS, please enter the vendor’s name in the Description field in the Document Overview tab. This will help speed up the process for approving new vendors.

New Vendor 1
Action List Preferences

For anyone one using ‘Action List’, please check the ActionRequested field so that this column displays on a document in your Action List. You will then know if this document needs action taken by you: Approve; FYI; Acknowledge; or Read Notes.

Open your Action List, select Preferences

New Vendor 2

Mark the ActionRequested field.

New Vendor 3

Office of Procurement Services

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