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Ad Hoc Routing
KFS Requisition Documents

July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 5

Fiscal Officers

Ad Hoc routing can be a useful feature in KFS. However, if you Ad Hoc route a Requisition to the Fiscal Officer as an Approve action, the Fiscal Officer loses functionality as outlined below.

Fiscal Officer Ad Hoc Routing
  1. A Fiscal Officer has the ability to edit account lines in normal workflow.
  2. An Ad Hoc ‘Approver’ does not have the ability to edit account lines. He or she can only approve or disapprove the document. The Ad Hoc Approver is the first person in workflow. In the screen shot below, you will see that the fiscal officer has been Ad Hoc routed to approve the document. She will not be able to make any changes to the document (such as changing the account information). She will either need to approve or disapprove the document.
Fiscal Officer Ad Hoc Routing

Since the Fiscal Officer is automatically included in workflow, there may not be a need to Ad Hoc him or her. However, if you would like to draw attention to the document, there are two ways to accomplish this.

1. Send a Notification using Notes and Attachments tab.

Fiscal Officer Ad Hoc Routing

2. Send an Ad Hoc Request as an ‘FYI’.

Regardless of which option you chose, the Workflow Approval will be the only entry in their Action List until the Approve action is taken.

Before sending any Ad Hoc requests, consider two things:

  1. Is the Ad Hoc request really necessary if the person will see the document, anyway;
  2. If the Ad Hoc request is necessary, is FYI or Acknowledge sufficient?
    • Approve actions hold up future approvals until action is taken;
    • FO loses edit ability;
    • FYI‘s and Acknowledges do not hold up future approval actions.

Purchasing Workgroups

Sending a note to a workgroup (e.g. purhelp, pursci, purpro, purtech) requires using the Ad Hoc method, rather than Notifications via the Notes tab.

However, sending the Ad Hoc request as an Approve Action delays the workflow routing until action is taken by the workgroup.

If it does not require Purchasing approval (before other workflow approvals) please send the Ad Hoc request as an ‘FYI’ action – not an Approve action.

Workgroup Ad Hoc Routing

Office of Procurement Services

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