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January 2014
Volume 10, Issue 1


2013 Reflections

As the Indiana University Purchasing Department continues to strive to develop new contracts, enhance existing contracts, develop more opportunities for savings and look for opportunities for inclusion of small and diverse Indiana based companies, we wanted to give a big shout of “THANKS” to each and every one of you and all that you do individually to help us succeed in our mission.

You joined thousands of your fellow IU employees in using KFS Purchasing to complete more than 146,000 transactions. Of the more than $476 Million in transactions, more than 95% of that was “managed” spend (managed by Purchasing) which produced a total savings of over $98M for the University during Fiscal Year 13. This savings was accomplished by:

  • Contract savings ($77.7 M)
  • Competitive bid savings ($1.5 M)
  • Process efficiencies ($10.3 M)

Thank you for using the contracts we write and the tools we support.

We appreciate your consideration on when to use the Pcard and when NOT to use the Pcard. We have seen a significant decrease in the number of Pcard transactions which means you’re using our contracts and avoiding the potential risks associated with Pcard transactions. For that we thank you.

Thank you for your patience as we unveiled our new purchasing system, Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Thank you for everything you do….and for letting us help you along the way!

We look forward to another productive year in 2014 with focus on:

  • Developing new contracts. Please let us know if you are aware of an area we do not have a contract in place but need one
  • Looking for opportunities to improve existing contracts
  • Developing tools to support contract management and contract administration

The entire Indiana University Purchasing team wishes each of you a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!

Conference Registrations

Conference Registrations may be processed by using a Pcard or through IU Travel Management Services (TMS). In order to prepay for a registration through Travel Management, select Create a new trips and check Registration under Prepayment Requests. This is located on page two of the trip document.

Prepayment Request

On the following page, you will complete the Purpose/Conference Name and enter the account information. You will also complete the name and billing address of the organization where the check should be mailed. You will find this under Prepaid Registrations. Be sure to check Select Attachments if additional documentation is needed to accompany the check. You are required to send information about the event to TMS.

Prepaid Registration

After you have entered the required information, the final page of the trip instructs you where to send your information.

Send Payment Info

Furniture Policy Reminder

All furniture purchases now go through the University Architect’s Office (UAO). Below are the answers to some questions we have received, related to this change.

  1. What types of products are included in furniture/furnishings?

    Visit the University Architect’s Office website for a list of Furniture/Furnishings.

  2. How do I request a purchase?

    Complete an online Request for Service which is forwarded to the UAO. A designer from UAO will contact you to discuss your request. (You can find this form on the Purchasing Website under Resources, KFS FAQ, Furnishings).

  3. Who completes the Requisition?

    Upon approval of the design and specifications by your department, a design representative from UAO will enter the requisition into KFS using the department’s identified account number.

  4. What are the furniture vendors in Shop Catalogs used for?

    These vendors are listed for resource information and service requests only. There are no products listed.

For more detailed information, please see Furniture Purchases on the Purchasing website.

Licensing & Trademarks Style Guide Revisions

Do you purchase promotional items for giveaways or for fundraisers? If so, revisions have been made to the L&T Style Guide for Commercial and Promotional Products (PDF).

The updated Style Guide has been sent to all IU Licensees. We have asked the IU contracted promotional vendors to compile a list of IU Crimson (pms 201c) items by product category. Please ask the promotional licensee for crimson items, or let Pam Copenhaver, Robin Cooper, or Valerie Gill know if you have trouble finding crimson items.

Here is an overview of the changes:

  • Primary Colors, Page 4
    • Purdue gold has been removed from IU’s primary colors. The CMYK numbers for IU Crimson and the CMYK and Pantone colors for IU Cream have been updated.
    • Promotional products given away by IU departments and units, or purchased for staff used to represent IU in an official capacity, should primarily be IU Crimson (201c), cream, white, black or gray.
  • The Block IU, Page 5
    • The Block IU may now be presented in IU Crimson (201c or its equivalent), white, cream, black, and gray.
    • The Block IU may be presented with or without an outline in a one-color process in the approved colors noted above. Words and designs relating to Indiana University’s campuses may be featured inside the Block IU as long as they are contained within the mark itself.
  • IU East marks, Page 8
    • IU East must be presented on items where the wolf head, running wolf, or RED WOLVES text mark is used.
  • IU Font Family, Page 9
    • Indiana University has designated Benton Sans, Georgia Pro, and Salvo Serif as the brand typefaces for official communication. The IU Font will continue to be reserved for campus, school, department and center signatures.
  • Legal Notices, Page 9
    • The ® and ™ should be displayed in the lower right hand corner of the mark in a small size as though to be barely visible.
  • IU Brand Guidelines, Page 12
    • The link to the new IU Brand Guidelines, which replaces the Visual Identity Guidelines, can be found on page 12.
  • Indiana University Trademarks, Page 15
    • Features a list of IU trademarks that are licensed out for commercial use. Please note there are some changes/additions. The IUPUI logo will now be featured with the IU logo, and registrations have been filed for Crimson Guard, Hoosier Army, Hoosier Nation, The Quarry, and Show Your Stripes. Lastly, IU claims rights to its more recognizable identifiable properties. A list of identifiable properties can be found at the bottom of page 15.

Please contact the office of Licensing & Trademarks at 812-855-8830 or iulogo@indiana.edu with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Training Classes

All of the 2014 Basic KFS Purchasing Classes have been posted for the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Please direct anyone new to KFS to our site to register!

Staff Updates

Patty Anderson

Patty Anderson has taken the position of Contract/P-Card Administrator and will have a variety of responsibilities, including the development of processes, procedures, compliance measures, data analytics and operations for Contract Administration and P-Card Administration.

Contract Administrator is the primary point of contact for updating the electronic data records, providing ongoing contract monitoring and reviews with Contract Managers, Suppliers and other stakeholders. This position exists to provide contract management services for the University’s strategic and e-procurement contracts, to ensure campus departments are aware of the benefits of the contract and to monitor supplier and end user compliance with the contract terms and conditions.

Patty came to Purchasing from the IU Foundation, and she has 10+ years’ experience in planning, purchasing, contract management, metrics development and strategy. Patty has a long affiliation with IU, and received a Bachelor’s degree here.

Karen Heathcoat

Karen Heathcoat comes to us from the medical supply industry and will be a valuable asset to the scientific commodity. She will be processing scientific and medical supplies orders for the IUPUI and northern campuses.

She is taking over the duties that were previously covered by Diane Williams who retired at the end of December.

Derek Toschlog

Derek Toschlog will be assisting Nathan Smith. He will be working with the following commodities:

  • Audio / visual equipment - supplies & repairs
  • Campus TV contracts; bar coding
  • Computer desktop / notebook / department servers
  • Computer peripherals & supplies
  • Photographic equipment, repairs & supplies

Derek has been with the University for 3 years, most recently as a Customer Service Representative in Payroll. He is an Indiana native and graduated from Earlham College with a degree in Politics.

Office of Procurement Services

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