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Indiana University Purchasing Newsletter

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April 2010
Volume 6, Issue 2

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Documenting Emergencies with Purchasing Policy 20

Policy 20, established on February 1, 2010, requires all University faculty and staff to use University contracts when available. Fiscal Officers and Purchasing Staff are charged with ensuring that procurement transactions comply with the policy. Exceptions to the policy are to be submitted in writing for approval by the Fiscal Officer (P-Cards or APOs) or a Purchasing Manager (POs). Retention of documentation for audit purposes will be the responsibility of the Fiscal Officers.

Purchasing Policy 5.4 indicates that the Purchasing Department may use appropriate documented means to expedite placing an order to ensure the health and safety of the public and institutional property. Emergencies must be documented by the Fiscal Officer when a purchase on a P-Card or APO from a non-contract supplier is required. The following are situations where emergency purchases may be approved by a Fiscal Officer for a purchase on a P-card or an APO:

  1. Individuals lives may be endangered.
  2. Systems or research projects are at risk.
  3. There is an inability to perform the mission of the University.

The broader definition of an emergency is “a situation or circumstance requiring immediate action.” It is expected that requests for exceptions to Policy 20 and Policy 5.4 will rise to the level of an emergency and will require the use of a P-Card or APO. An example might be when a piece of equipment is down and is either halting research or production systems.

Examples of non emergencies would include non critical purchases or purchases for convenience e.g., a person is in an office or a computer supply store on personal business and purchases a supply item or a piece of small equipment for University use because they know they need it. The items could have been easily ordered from the office supply or computer supply contract supplier. These non emergency purchases are not allowable.

It is important for Fiscal Officers to keep in mind that most purchases are not emergencies and most contract suppliers have next day delivery. So poor planning on behalf of faculty and staff does not in itself constitute an emergency which would require exception to these policies.

NOTE: In instances where the Fiscal Officer identifies an on-going need for goods or services, please communicate this to the Purchasing Department. We may be able to create a contract for the product or service. In a like sense, if we are notified that other suppliers are providing better pricing or service, we will seek to improve our existing contract OR seek to establish new contracts.

Source: Rob Halter and Jill Schunk


Purchasing & Travel Card Announcement

The Office of Procurement Services has signed a contract with US Bank for Visa purchasing and travel meeting cards. The American Express purchasing and travel meeting cards are automatically being replaced with a Visa card. Individual American Express corporate travel cards are not automically being replaced. All American Express cards are expiring on May 31st.

Card Distribution

Purchasing cards are being distributed on some campuses to the individual card holders and other campuses are distributing the cards to the fiscal officer. The distribution began on April 15, 2010. A communication has gone out to each campus detailing the distribution method for the campus.

Travel meeting cards are being distributed by Travel Management Services and organizations who currently use this type of card will be contacted when the cards are ready.

Travel Cards

In the past, Travel Management Services has offered two types of travel cards to the University community. It is important to note that individual card management is changing, please read the details below.

  • Type #1 – is the travel meeting card which is used by departments for student group travel. This card is is paid by the University and the charges to the account appear on the PCDO document in the FIS. Changes to the card (limits for example) are managed by Travel Management Services.
  • Type #2 – is the individual travel card and is a contract between the cardholder and US Bank. This means that the University is not responsible for the expenses or payments on these cards. This type of card does not have the IU logo. Those interested in this type of card should be aware that there is a $50 annual fee if there are no transactions within a 12 month period. Any changes you have with the individual travel card (limits for example) will have to be made through US Bank and not Travel Management Services. A link to the US Bank Individual Card application is available on this website

Card Security

US Bank cards comply with the PCI DSS security (see About the PCI Data Security Standard - PCI DSS for more information about these security standards). The new cards have a 12-digit alpha-numeric unique identifier in addition to the traditional card number. The unique identifier is embossed as the second line on the card plastic and printed on the card statements. The unique identifier number is also the number that shows up in FIS on the PCDO document in place of the credit card number. Continue to use the 16-digit Visa card number when making a purchase, but when communicating about your card within the Indiana University community, please use the unique identifier for security purposes.

Card Management

US Bank also offers online access to your account through Access Online at This provides the ability to check your available balance, print statements, etc. To register for the online service you will need the actual 16-digit card number (not unique ID) and the nine-digit number associated with the card.

Additional Information

The new US Bank Visa cards only allow 21 characters for the card name versus 24 characters allowed by American Express. Therefore, several card names had to be edited to meet the 21 character allowance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The recent decision to consolidate the Purchasing Departments also applies to the P-Cards. The northern campuses - Northwest, South Bend, Kokomo, and IUPUI will direct all P-Card issues and request for new cards to Linda Smith on the IUPUI campus. Her contact information is or 317-274-7831. The other campuses – East, Southeast, and IUB will direct all p-card issues to Marsha DeVol on the IUB campus. Her contact information is or 812-855-2223.

We are looking forward to our partnership with US Bank and hope that the wider acceptance of Visa cards will be beneficial to all of our cardholders.

Source: Melonee Bristoe and John Harner


Workflow (Rice 1.0) Release

On May 9, 2010 UITS will be releasing a new version of workflow (Rice 1.0). Many of IU's enterprise applications (ERA, HR eDocs, TIME, EPTO, FAR, EPIC, Travel@IU, SIS, and Onestart) have dependencies on workflow, so this is considered a major release although very few changes will be apparent to those who use these systems. If you notice any unexpected behaviors related to EPIC documents it is important that you report the behavior to

The changes that you will see are in the Action List and Doc Search. Both of these are accessed in OneStart from the Notifications tab.

Action List:

  • The “Preferences” “Refresh Action List” and “Filter” links are being replaced with “preferences”, “refresh” and “filter” and buttons.
  • Outbox – The outbox will contain a list of documents that you have taken action on (approved, dispproved, acknowledged) after May 9th. Documents acted on prior to this date will not appear here. Furthermore, documents remain on the list until you remove them. This is not a list of documents that routed to you rather it is a list of the documents you have performed an action. For example if you are a member of a workgroup and another member of the group approved a document - then this document will not appear in your outbox. To delete an item from the Outbox select the “Delete Item” check box and then select the “delete selected items” button.

Doc Search:

  • The “Detailed Search”, “Superuser Search” and “Clear Saved Searches” links are being replaced with “detailed search”, “superuser search” and “clear saved searches” buttons.
  • Users can now input information into the Type field or use the search icon to find the type.
  • “Initiator Network Id” field title is changing to “Initiator”.
  • “Document” Id field title is changed to “Document/Notification Id”.
  • “Date Created” is now two distinct fields called “Date Created From” and “Date Created To”.

Source: Marilyn Kisters


Moving Contracts

As summer approaches the need to relocate new faculty and staff becomes a priority in many of your units. Purchasing would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have several pre-negotiated moving contracts in place and encourage you and your staff to utilize these when the need arises. Faculty and staff may select a moving company from a list of contracted movers. These contracts help to protect the University as well as the family making the move and also provide attractive pricing structures to help departments saving money.

The contracts and instructions for use can be accessed on our web site:

Please share this information broadly in your departments and for more specific information or assistance please contact Tom Ellis who manages these contracts. or 812-855-9952.

Source: Claudette Canzian



Effective March 15, a new pricing agreement with IDT went into effect. The pricing, which reflects an additional 12% savings over the previous agreement, is reflected in our B2B/“SHOP” online pricing. Orders MUST be placed via the IDT punch-out site to receive this level of discount. All custom oligos orders can be placed through the IDT site.

Effective April 1, BD Biosciences antibodies (previously Pharmingen) should be ordered through Fisher Scientific. While we will continue to receive BD agreement pricing, this change in distribution will bring savings as we will no longer pay shipping/ice charges. The BD Biosciences link will no longer be available on the B2B/“SHOP” site. Orders for BD equipment will continue to be purchased direct to BD via “Create a Req” as they have been in the past.

The Rainin link in B2B has been updated to reflect the newest Rainin/IU price agreement. The new agreement contains discounts on pipettes, accessories, and tips which will no longer require a minimum order quantity to receive discount pricing. In addition, there is no longer a freight charge. Please place all Rainin orders via the B2B/“SHOP” link.

Effective March 1, Fisher no longer charges ice and hazardous fees.

A link for Santa Cruz was added to our B2B/“SHOP” site February 10. The pricing on this site reflects the IU/Santa Cruz price agreement. Please place all Santa Cruz orders through this site.

A link for Clontech was added to the B2B/"SHOP" site on January 20. The new price agreement includes higher levels of discounts than previous Clontech pricing. Please place Clontech orders through this site.

Source: Sara Hammond


Like Printing Money

A study at has proven that using the Century Gothic font will reduce printing costs. The study has convinced officials at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to make this the default font for Outlook and have suggested to their staff and faculty to use the same font on other applications such as Word and Excel. This university anticipates that this small change will generate a savings of $10,000 per year. To read more information about this study go to the blog.

Source: Nathan Smith


Vendor Information Packet

The set of forms a new vendor is required to complete to become an EPIC vendor (Vendor Information Packet) has recently been updated to include a Supplier Diversity Certification form. This addition to the packet assists a vendor's registration with IU as a small-, woman-, minority-, and/or veteran-owned business.

If you find that you need to send a Vendor Information Packet (VIP) to a vendor always select the packet from the OneStart EPIC portal under “Department Resources” tab. This will ensure you always have the most up-to-date version.

Source: Kasi Spyker


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