Add a Note When Returning Goods Purchased in EPIC

When returning an item, it’s always a good idea to add a note to the Purchase Order or Payment Request.  The note serves as an audit trail in the event a problem arises with an inaccurate invoice.  It’s best to leave the note in the proper document.  For example, if no payment has been made, leave a note in the PO note section.  If a payment has been made the note should go in the PREQ note section. 

Include in the note:

  • Why the item was returned.

  • When the return was completed.

  • What the return number was.

  • Who did the return.

  • Any other information about the return that might be helpful.

To Add a Note

Search for the document in EPIC:


Click on the PO number:


Click on the Notes tab:


Source:  Jill Schunk

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