Appropriate Use of P-Cards

Purchasing has received questions recently regarding what types of purchases are appropriate on the p-card.  The following list clarifies the proper use of p-cards.


  • Small dollar transactions under $1,000 and not on the “Not Appropriate” list (shown below)
  • One time purchases to suppliers that are not in EPIC
  • Suppliers that do not accept purchase orders
  • Conference registration fees

Not Appropriate

  • If purchase can be made in the Shop Contracts section of EPIC (commonly known as B2B)
  • If paying an IU department (payments to IU departments should be completed in FIS)
  • If item is on the restricted list
  • Recurring monthly charges
  • Split or “stacked” transactions (dividing large purchases into smaller payments to avoid the $1,000 limit)

Source:  Melonee Bristoe and Marsha DeVol
July 2009 Newsletter

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