IU Renews Microsoft Campus Agreement - Some Server Products Now Included

IU recently extended and expanded our campus Agreement with Microsoft.  Details of the new agreement can be found in the UITS knowledgebase.


Software available under the previous Campus Agreement will continue to be available throughout the duration of the new four-year contract.  This software includes, but is not limited to, Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate, Office 2007 Enterprise, and CALs for products such as Windows Server, Exchange, OCS, SharePoint, and System Center products.

In addition, several server products will now be free for departments to use on university-owned hardware. ┬áNewly licensed products include Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and System Center Configuration Manager.  These products are available for IU departments, but are not included for personal or at-home use.  

For your convenience, many software downloads are available at http://iuware.iu.edu/lsp.aspx?id=136 (Windows Server Products) and http://iuware.iu.edu/lsp.aspx?id=199 (Other Campus Agreement Server Software).  

Hard media will also be available for purchase in the near future through the new Microsoft Select Pricing vendor, Software House International (http://www.indiana.edu/~purchase/contract/contracts.html).   
If a product requires a license key, the key will be available through the Product Keys website, https://productkeys.iu.edu (only available on-campus or via VPN connection), as soon as it is received from Microsoft.  

The UITS KB articles thoroughly explain details of the agreement, but here are some of the key points:

  • Older versions are immediately available for a free upgrade.

  • You will not need Software Assurance for products included in the campus agreement for the duration of this contract.

  • Nothing changes for those who have a Windows Server license through LSP Services.

  • Previous product keys will not be impacted. Only new installations will need to use new keys.

  • KMS will continue to handle domain-joined Windows Server 2008 installations.


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