New Incentives Added to FedEx Contract

IU utilizes a contract through the consortium E&I Cooperative for Federal Express small package shipping services.  The contract start date was June 2008, with yearly contract renewals through June 2013. The first year contract renewal took place as of June 2009 with some exciting new changes.

While there were some slight rate increases, we expect those to be offset with the following new incentives:

  • All courier pickup charges are waived for FedEx Ground and FedEx Air

  • Reduction in fuel surcharge on all express packages

  • Money back guarantee – Transportation charges refunded or credited, upon request, on shipments delivered after the delivery commitment time.

The price you see online at is the price you should be invoiced.

As always, please feel free to contact Purchasing Department staff members Tom Ellis at 812-855-9952 or Dawn Bodle at 812-856-6715 with any FedEx-related questions.

Source:  Tom Ellis

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