New Procedure for Posting to Redistribution Listserv

For the convenience of our faculty and staff, Purchasing has established a central location through which all messages to the Resource Redistribution listserv should be sent. 

Previously, staff and faculty sent an email directly to redistribution-l with a list of items to sell, give, or trade to another department.  Those messages can now be sent to the listserv through an easy-to-use web form.  Emails sent directly to redistribution-l will no longer be processed. 

The form will eliminate the risk of spam and will also protect departments by ensuring adherence to University policies regarding the proper handling of items with data storage capability. 

The redistribution of materials within the IU family not only saves departments money, but also helps keep unused equipment out of landfills.  The Purchasing department would like to thank those faculty and staff members who have taken advantage of the Resource Redistribution listserv and encourages those who are not on the listserv to subscribe (after clicking link, follow directions at the top of the page).  

Please do not hesitate to contact Purchasing at should you have any questions about this new procedure.

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