Surplus Store will Now Operate Under Director of Sustainability

As of July 1, 2009, the Bloomington Surplus Store will report to Indiana University Director of Sustainability, Bill Brown, AIA, LEED AP.  Previously, the Surplus Store operated as an entity within the Purchasing Department. 

In a statement about the new reporting structure, Brown said “Joe Goss [Director of University Printing Services and Materials Management] has done an excellent job of supervising Surplus Stores and under his leadership, the staff has proven their ability to be consistently profitable. Therefore, I do not intend to make any immediate changes. My first goal will be to learn everything I can about the operation and where its strengths and weaknesses lie.”

Brown went on to comment that part of the learning process may include the assistance of a Kelley School of Business class.  The class would survey staff, customers, campus units and other stakeholders with the goal to improve on what is already working.

Brown also revealed that two areas of particular interest would be to determine the need for other means of payment (currently, Surplus Stores only accepts checks or money orders) and to enhance campus and community awareness of the Surplus Store's location. 


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