E-Waste Collection Day Saves University Thousands
source IU Bloomington Surplus Stores and IUPUI Surplus Department

Electronic Waste Collection Days, a free electronic waste recycling drive hosted by IU Bloomington and IUPUI, collected more than 416 tons of e-waste between April 30 and May 2. Recycling services were provided at no charge to the University thanks to a contract negotiated by the Purchasing Department. However, the numbers suggest an even greater savings to the University.

With the help of IU Bloomington Surplus Stores and IUPUI Surplus Department, IU departments recycled more than 69,000 pounds of e-waste, free of charge. Typically, recycling companies charge a fee for handling e-waste. The average rate is about $0.25 per pound. At that rate, it is estimated that IU saved as much as $17,250 through the program.

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