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Thank you to all of our readers who sent us positive feedback about the design of our new Purchasing Newsletter. We wanted to develop a newsletter that was easier to read with only the most relevant information - judging by your comments we were able to accomplish just that. When asked what we could do to improve, many of our readers suggested more regular updates. You ask, we deliver. In an effort to give our readers more timely information, the Purchasing Newsletter will now be distributed monthly. Have another suggestion? Send it to We love to hear from you!

Lorelei Meeker
Assistant Vice President
Indiana University Purchasing
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June 2009
Volume 5, Issue 4

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All Campuses 

Submitting P-Card Statements in the Proper Format
source Melonee Bristoe and Charlie Sinex

Every month, P-Cardholders submit receipts and card statements to Accounting Services for auditing. To ensure an accurate audit trail, card statements must be submitted in the proper format.
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Protect Yourself - Let Purchasing Sign Contracts
source Karin Coopersmith

By personally signing a document committing University funds, faculty and staff may unintentionally put themselves in a position of liability for anything that goes wrong with the transaction. Any document that supports a requisition or purchase order for any product or service should be forwarded to the appropriate Purchasing contract manager.
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Vendor Spotlight
source Michelle Dugger

Vendor: Cannon IV

Products available through contract: HP Printers and Accessories

Why you should shop with them: The contract was competitively bid and awarded because they provide the best discounts and offer exceptional service on printers.

What kind of deals you can expect: 25 to 31 percent discount off MSRP for hardware, 35 to 45 percent off supplies (i.e. toner), plus waived trip charges for service calls. Various extended warranty and maintenance options are available.

Find Cannon IV in the Shop Contracts section of EPIC under Punchout Vendors. For more information, contact your local Purchasing agent.


New Report Identifies Opportunities for Cost Savings
source Tim Rice

In an effort to more accurately track departmental expenses, Purchasing has created a report to identify spending patterns. Among other advantages, Purchasing plans to use this information to spot contract opportunities. For example, if a department consistently spends a large amount of money with one particular vendor, Purchasing will see the trend and can approach the vendor about negotiating a lower price. Better yet - Purchasing can competitively bid the product to identify vendors who might be able to provide lower pricing with superior service.
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After-The-Fact Transactions Are Audited
source Tim Rice

When a PO is generated after the product or service has been provided, the transaction is in violation of University policy. These transactions are referred to as confirming orders and pose major risks to the University. Purchasing routinely runs a report on confirming orders and this type of unapproved purchase could cause problems.
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E-Waste Collection Day Saves University Thousands
source IU Bloomington Surplus Stores and IUPUI Surplus Department

Electronic Waste Collection Days, a free electronic waste recycling drive hosted by IU Bloomington and IUPUI, collected more than 416 tons of e-waste between April 30 and May 2. Recycling services were provided at no charge to the University thanks to a contract negotiated by the Purchasing Department. However, the numbers suggest an even greater savings to the University.
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Indianapolis News 

Introducing Green Monday
Source Pam Copenhaver

IUPUI will initiate a new program beginning June 1 which involves changing the Guy Brown delivery schedule to Tuesday through Friday.
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IUPUI - New Report Helps Track Confirming Orders
source Rob Halter

Recently, Purchasing created a report to identify confirming orders based on invoice, requisition date, and Responsibility Center. The confirming order report will be run quarterly and sent to Fiscal Officers for review.
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IUPUI Director of Purchasing Receives Honor

Robert Halter, Director of Purchasing for IUPUI has been selected to serve as Vice Chairman of the National Committee of Regional Minority Supplier Development Council Chairpersons. With this appointment, Halter will also serve on the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Board of Directors.
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