Protect Yourself - Let Purchasing Sign Contracts
source Karin Coopersmith

By personally signing a document committing University funds, faculty and staff may unintentionally put themselves in a position of liability for anything that goes wrong with the transaction. Any document that supports a requisition or purchase order for any product or service should be forwarded to the appropriate Purchasing contract manager. Please include the requisition number.

Purchasing will review the contract for appropriate language, make changes as needed, and sign and return the contract to the vendor along with the purchase order.

For reference purposes, Purchasing archives copies of all signed documents by purchase order number.

Contracts for services with an IU Auxiliary unit do not need to be forwarded to purchasing, as these are internal units using the internal billing processes.

For more information, see policy VI-100. Contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding (MOU), memorandums of agreement (MOA), insertion orders, and purchase orders are all covered by this policy.

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