IUPUI - New Report Helps Track Confirming Orders
source Rob Halter

An Internal Audit Report on EPIC cited the frequency of using confirming orders with the following comments:

“Purchase requisitions should be completed and approved by management before a product or service is ordered. If the order is placed before the requisition is completed, it is considered a confirming order. Only in a rare, emergency situation should confirming orders be allowed. All confirming orders should be labeled. Confirming orders are not subject to EPIC controls of monitoring and oversight. These controls include coordinating vendor selection, the providing of feedback on prior relationships with poor vendors, along with suggesting lower cost alternatives from the Purchasing Department.”

Recently, Purchasing created a report to identify confirming orders based on invoice, requisition date, and Responsibility Center. The confirming order report will be run quarterly and sent to Fiscal Officers for review. The report will enable FO's to identify, within their department, individuals responsible for creating/causing them. It is our expectation that you will use these reports as an opportunity to train and educate staff and faculty on the merits of using EPIC properly so that the number of confirming orders can be significantly reduced.

Purchasing has begun making presentations at department staff meetings on this topic and is available to discuss or provide training to your staff on the proper use of EPIC.

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to enlist our services or simply discuss your confirming order report.

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