Conflict of Interest Forms Required When Working with Family
source Maurice (Moe) Smith

Under the University's Employment of Relatives Policy, full-time, part-time, or temporary Staff and Faculty should not be employed in or transferred to a position that establishes an immediate supervisor/employee relationship between two individuals who are related by blood, adoption, marriage, or same sex domestic partnership.

The University has a Conflict of Interest Policy for staff and hourly employees and a Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Policy (PDF) for academic employees.

In both policies, a conflict of interest exists when an employee or his/her immediate family has a financial relationship with an external activity that does business with the University and is in a position to influence the University's decision to do business with said activity. An "activity" is defined as any person, trust, organization, enterprise, government agency, or other entity that is not a part of IU. Note that an "activity" could be an individual family member.

Additionally, there is a Conflict of Interest Policy that must be followed for any transactions that involve the Purchasing Department.

Real or apparent conflicts, when not appropriately disclosed and addressed, can undermine confidence in the integrity of University and its employees. Often, conflicts of interest can be dealt with effectively through disclosure or other steps to resolve or manage the conflict. Any time a potential conflict of interest comes into question a conflict of interest form must be submitted. For more information, view the policies referenced above.

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