What to do if a Vendor Does Not Accept AmEx
source Melonee Bristoe

Purchasing is able to work with almost any vendor, so please do not be discouraged if you come across one who does not accept American Express. Below, we have provided several options for doing business with a vendor who does not accept AmEx, in order of preference:

  1. Use an Automatic Purchasing Order (APO).
  2. Work with Purchasing to establish a.) a business-to-business contract and/or b.) establish a contract for a particular good or service.
  3. Work with Purchasing to find another supplier.
  4. Use a partial check enclosed Purchase Order.
  5. Use a full check enclosed Purchase Order.
  6. Conference Registrations where AmEx is not accepted, please use Travel's Pre-paid Form (PDF).
  7. If the transaction amount is under $500, pay personally and get reimbursed through a Disbursement Voucher (this option has tax implications and should be last resort).
Regardless of which method is used, please also submit the vendor's contact information to Purchasing so that we can have the AmEx acceptance team work on getting vendor to accept AmEx.

As always, please feel free to submit any p-card questions to mbristoe@indiana.edu, or to Marsha deVol at mdevol@indiana.edu.

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