Tough Stuff Recycling Fest is Huge Success
Tom Westerhof

IU South Bend recently completed its annual recycling festival, Tough Stuff Recycling Fest. Electronics collected at the event will be recycled at no cost to IU thanks to a contract negotiated by the Indiana University Purchasing Department.

Here are the results:

Shoe Collection

  • Seven 30-gallon bags of shoes will be sent to Goodwill (over 200 pounds)
  • Three 30-gallon bags will be sent to Nike Grind (soles will be ground up and used to make athletic courts)
  • One 30-gallon bag will be donated to Shoes-4-Africa (gently used athletic shoes are given to people who would not otherwise have shoes in Kenya, Africa)
Styrofoam and Packing Material
  • 900 gallons of packing peanuts and packing material sent to UPS stores
  • 900 gallons of Styrofoam sent to Michigan City for recycling
Plastic Bags
  • 900 gallons of plastic bags were given to Wal-Mart for recycling
Egg Cartons
  • More than 800 egg cartons collected. These cartons are being given to local egg farmers.
Electronic Waste
  • We conservatively estimate that 100,000 pounds of electronics were diverted from landfills. All of the equipment will be recycled in the United States in an environmentally responsible manner. This collection would not have been possible without the generosity of Apple Computers and the IT technology departments on the Indiana University campuses!
Event participants generously donated more than $900 to help cover costs of this and future sustainability events. During the first two hours, cars were backed up down Mishawaka Avenue.

Thirty students, staff, faculty, and administrators from IUSB and Free Geek Michiana joined in the effort.

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