Purchasing Negotiates Lower Price for all IU Survey Monkey Accounts
source Erica Burrin

survey monkey logo One of Purchasing's responsibilities is to detect when a lot of orders are being placed with a specific vendor or for a specific product. Once we have determined this type of trend we begin to negotiate contracts so that everyone in the University community can share in cost savings. Last year, Purchasing noticed that Indiana University campuses were spending thousands of dollars on Survey Monkey accounts. We were able to negotiate with Survey Monkey an agreement that offers all accounts registered with an IU affiliated domain name (indiana.edu, iupui.edu, etc.) 50 percent off of quarterly and annual rates.
Below, you will find a statement provided by Survey Monkey that explains the program in more detail, including information about how to participate.

Discounted Annual Subscriptions to the SurveyMonkey On-line Survey Tool are now Available

SurveyMonkey (http://www.surveymonkey.com) is an on-line survey tool where users can create accounts, design surveys, distribute them to an audience, and collect/analyze the responses. All of this is done within the user's account, and all surveys and data are hosted on this company's site and servers.

Because of significant interest in such a tool by many faculty & staff members of our Indiana University community, Indiana University has negotiated a 50 percent discounted price covering all current and all new quarterly and annual subscriptions - bringing the cost of each annual Professional Account subscription to either $29.85 per quarter or $100 per year.

For users concerned about security, the company offers SSL encryption for the survey link, survey pages, and exports during transmission. A survey with SSL encryption will show the 's' in the 'http' URL address. It will appear as: https://www.surveymonkey.com. The university discounted cost for the SSL encryption is an additional $50 per year. Examples of accounts that may need SSL encryptions are those that must stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Anyone interested in buying a Professional quarterly or annual account at the University discounted price must sign up using an email address associated with the university. The Indiana University discount will be automatically applied to all new accounts and to current quarterly and annual accounts upon renewal. Activate your new account by first registering for a Basic free account and then upgrading to the Professional account. A Basic free account is very limited. But a Professional account, according to the information on the company's website, has unlimited access to many attractive features, including the following:

  • No Limits - Create surveys with an unlimited number of questions, spanning an unlimited number of pages. There is no limit to the number of surveys created or the number of surveys open and collecting responses.
  • Create Surveys from Templates - There are more than 50 survey templates in a variety of categories.
  • Create Skip Logic - Customize the path a respondent takes through your survey by adding skip logic. This eliminates unnecessary confusion by skipping non-applicable questions. It is a proven way to reduce "drop-outs" and overall frustration.
  • Require Answers - This feature makes sure that you receive a response to essential questions. You can specify on a question by question basis which questions require an answer. This helps to improve the quality of your data.
  • Randomize Answer Choices - The ordering of choices within a question can introduce an unintended bias. Randomizing answer choices works to eliminate this "order bias."
  • Add a Logo - Branding your survey gives your survey a professional feel. You can use any logo up to 50K in size at the top of every page in your survey.
  • Create Custom Themes - Every element of your survey can be customized: fonts, sizes, and color. After creating your own custom theme, apply it to all your future surveys.
  • Generate Popup Invitations - To increase response rates, create a custom popup invitation for your own website. Simply cut and paste the code into any webpage to start generating invitations. To minimize annoyance to your visitors, invitations will only popup once.
  • Custom Redirect - Upon survey completion, respondents will be redirected to the page of your choice. By default, completed surveys are redirected to the SurveyMonkey homepage.
  • Filter Results - A powerful feature that finds patterns in your results. Ask questions such as: "Show me only those respondents who answered choice x in question y." Any question in your survey (even open-ended) can be filtered. The entire results section will reflect your filter choices.
  • Share Results - Let others view your results without giving them access to your account. You can control which results are visible, and how the results may be used.
  • Download Results - All the data can be downloaded to your local computer for further analysis. Take your summary results into Excel to create graphs. Save the detail results to your hard drive for safekeeping. You are in complete control.
  • Custom Reports - Create custom reports to include only the questions in which you're interested. Export them or share them with others for easier data management and/or analysis.
  • Create PDF - Create a printable PDF version of your survey or print off a PDF version of the survey results.
Please note that if your project involves research with human subjects, it will require prospective approval by the appropriate Indiana University Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please visit: www.researchadmin.iu.edu/cs-humsub.html for more information.

To begin the process of creating a new account, please visit the SurveyMonkey homepage at http://www.surveymonkey.com and then go to the "Join Now for Free!" link.

For assistance, contact the Survey Monkey Help Center or view the online video tutorials.

A User's Manual is also available as a resource about Survey Monkey's services.

Please keep in mind that this is not an Indiana University site license. Those who purchase a Survey Monkey account are not buying or downloading any software.

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